Inspector Charlie Cox 2592 refused to record crime

Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police
Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police

Inspector Charlie Cox 2592 of Lancashire Police, based in Chorley, refused to record a crime against one of his officers, DS Andy Langton of Skelmersdale CID against Home Office guidelines.

Inspector Charlie Cox 2592 Lancashire Police

The Officer in question, Detective Sergeant Andy Langton, admitted the criminal data breach of which the prima facie ingredients of a crime was at the time, present yet  Inspector Charlie Cox 2592 refused to record the crime which is a legal responsibility and against the crime recording process.  It is alleged that Inspector Charlie Cox has a vendetta against the family of whom the data breach was against and this is the reason for the refusal to record the crime which raise the concern that Inspector is both Perverting the course of Justice and committing Misconduct in a Public Office, both themselves are criminal acts.

A complaint has been recorded against Inspector Charlie Cox of Lancashire Police for the refusal to record the crime as well a a complaint for a criminal data breach by DS Andy Langton.  An investigation is currently (at the time or writing) under way by the ICO who have stated that the breach contravenes principle 1 of the data protection Act (unlawfully and unfairly disclosing personal data).  Lancashire Police have repeatedly failed to provide information to the ICO regarding this investigation.


The reference number for this incident is : CO/751/15

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A petition has been started to bring charges against Inspector Charlie Cox.  Click here to view it.

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