Inspector Jolly of Lancashire Police PROTECTS a knife offender from prosecution!

How long will Lancashire police protect rogue cop, Inspector Jolly!

Inspector Jolly has protected a convicted knife offender, named James Whitehead or Hayfield Road, Ormskirk, who was serving a 10 months suspended prison sentence.  In 2017, Whitehead approached a female at her own front door threatening her and her husband.  Inspector Jolly did nothing to help.

Whitehead was convicted of a knife crime against his own sister in 2016.  He was given a 10 months prison which was suspended for 2 years.  This means that any other offence in this 2 year period and he would have to serve the suspended 10 months sentence.  This is a fact known to Inspector Jolly who decided not to follow it up in the knowledge that he would be imprisoned.

After the 2017 incident was reported to the police, the police ‘visited’ Whitehead who used a different name (James Valis) which is not his name and certainly not the one he had been convicted under.  This was to avoid prison as his suspended prison sentence was against his real name.  So, Whitehead gave the police an alias name (or maybe the police advised him too), this is ‘Perverting The Course of Justice‘.

Whatever the reason for using the alias name, it has been confirmed in 2018 by another Lancashire Inspector that Whiteheads ‘alias’ names were known on the PNC, thus showing that Inspector Jolly knew that Whatehead was using an alias name and Inspector Jolly would have been fully aware of suspended prison sentence.  This amounts to Perverting the Course of Justice by both the offender and Inspector Jolly.

The facts are that Inspector Jolly, knew that a convicted knife offender had re-offended while serving a suspended prison sentence and knowingly failed to investigate.  Inspector Jolly had the CCTV evidence of the incidents yet did not even interview the offender, he just let him go… to re-offend as the offender has now been charged with assaulting the females husband. Fortunately this is being overlooked by a different Inspector who has begun ‘enquiries’ into Inspector Jolly’s past failure!

Inspector Jolly would have known that the 2017 offence committed would have easily met the threshold for harassment (this is 100%), the threats of violence or stalking would have been the higher charges and should the offender be charged and convicted, he would have had to serve his 10 month prison sentence.


What the offender did?

In 2017, the offender, unknown to the victim, knocked at her front door and made threats after she said her husband was not home, the offender threatened to come back and ‘sort him out‘.  The female called the police on 999 who advised her to lock the doors and windows.

Moments later, the offender came back on a motorcycle and repeatedly drove past her house, over and over again, looking in the window.  The female was petrified.  Her husband came home and he was then confronted, on his own premises, by the same man on his motorbike.  Her husband took a photo of the man and the bike and this was provided to the police along with the CCTV evidece.  His wife gave a statement to the police.

That is the last they both heard from the police…


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