Inspector Jolly protects Lancashire police informant Paul Turner from prosecution

A recent report of a criminal offence of harassment and stalking committed by Paul Turner against me has been blocked, again, by Inspector Adrian Jolly.

Paul turner of Skelmersdale, specifically created a website dedicated to stalk and target me.

Paul Turner is a known and self confessed police informant.

Police officer Danny Gardner confirmed Paul Turner is a police Informant which proves the police do have a motive to protect him and attack me.

PC Danny Gardner has since ‘denied‘ the above conversation took place (lol, I have that recording of the denial) and since than. he has been promoted into CID.  Jobs for the boys. I suspect a conversation like, “Deny everything Danny and we will promote you into CID“.

The website created by Paul Turner has so much information about me, it shows that Paul Turner is clearly stalking me and my family in the finest of detail.  Lancashire police will not do anything to protect my family.

Odd that a few posts were made about ex corrupt cop, Charlie Cox and I was pulled in and arrested, my home turned upside by the scum cops, and my computers taken… yet, Paul Turner can do anything he likes to me and the police will do nothing.   Oh, nothing was found, this was just a malicious warning by the police.

The malicious website created by Paul Turner is full of malicious false information and twisted facts.  The website has been created with the sole intention of damaging me, my reputation and my business.

The website make false allegations about me and my family.  The website is relentless and was reported to Lancashire police who decided…. NFA.  They did NOT even provide a crime reference number saying (words of Inspector Jolly):

The website created by Paul Turner is not harassment” (no mention of stalking)

The 101 operator confirms that the person making this decision to protect Paul Turner from prosecution was no other than Inspector Jolly who appears to be colluding with a number of criminals to cause me alarm and distress, there are a number of outstanding complaints against Jolly, even so, he still is involved in decision relating to my family.

Why would Lancashire police protect Paul Turner.  Just because Paul Turner is a police informant and assisted Lancashire police convict Colin Pritchard. This should NOT allow Paul Tuner to be above the law.

Paul Turner told me in person when he was employed by me that he was assisting police to convict Colin Pritchard.

As a means to stop me reporting Paul Turner, Lancashire police attempted to prosecute me by fabricating criminal charges against Paul Turner.  I was acquitted of these malicious charges and I subsequently sued Lancashire police for a Malicious Prosecution.  They have since tried to prosecute me a further 3 times for false allegations relating to Paul Turner, yet everything this slimy police informant does is completely brushed under the carpet.

They are doing their best to prosecute me with ANYTHING against Paul Turner while he is free to target me and my family, even posting dozens of website calling me a paedophile.  Even then, with 100% evidence, Lancashire police refused to charge him with anything.   Lancashire police even tried to cover this up by saying CPS made the decision not to charge him when a letter from CPS advised us that the police made the decision.

Andy Rhodes, the Chief Constable is fully aware of this as was the previous Chief Constable, Steve Finnigan.  And Rhodes has been notified of the allegations and is complicit in this for failing to take action.

Police Informants may well be vital to crime detection but NO police informant is above the law and NO police force has the right or authority to pervert the course of justice to protect a police informant from attacking an innocent family.

This started after Paul Turner was dismissed for gross misconduct.  He retaliated by threatening to KILL my wife and children, promising to make their deaths ‘messy‘ and to cause me ‘as much mental damage as he could‘.   This is when Lancashire police made the decision to protect him and attack me for reporting him for this offence which was witnessed by 4 people.

Police eventually gave Paul Turner a harassment warning (only to pacify us), yet even more repeated attacks by Paul Turner resulted in no action against him.  He is free to commit offences as and when he pleases as far as my family is concerned.

It is clear as day how Lancashire police have protected their police Informant and it is only a matter of time before this is all out in the open.

It is clear how Lancashire police keep all decision in house, nothing is given to CPS to decide.  It is clear how only ‘select’ officers make charging decision…. Inspector Jolly, Sgt Langton and Inspector Cox who left the police force with complaints against him.

Protecting police informants like Paul Turner from criminal prosecution for offences against innocent victims is a very serious offence and breaches many laws including the human Rights Act.  This information is published as a matter of public interest to hopefully highlight the dangers of police informants when they are protected by the police and how easy it is to become a victim of police abuse, misconduct and corruption.


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