IOPC, how Independent are they really?

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Are the IOPC (formerly the IPPC) truly independent?

The answer is quite simply, No.  The IOPC is as ‘bent as a banana’.

Take for example the former police officer, Carol Howard who, after leaving the MET Police, joined the IOPC.  Irrespective of the reasons that Carol Howard left the MET police, the IOPC took on an ‘ex-police officer‘ to work in the IOPC, to investigate serving police officers.  How can that be ‘independent!

There is no suggestion that Carol Howard has any allegiance to police, on the contrary, she left due to bullying by the very organisation that should have protected her.

The issue is, Carol Howard could have some good friends in the police that she would have a bias towards should they be investigated.  Alternatively, after being bullied by the police, she could, in fact, have a bias against the police.  Either way, she is not a suitable candidate for an organization that should be neutral and truly independent.

Carol Howard has now left the IOPC in main due to reporting corruption in this ‘independent’ organisation.  She has stated a number of alarming statements.

She says that the IOPC “believe their duty is not to investigate officers but to protect the reputation of the police force concerned and its senior officers in particular

She also alleged that some investigators at the IPCC secretly support “racist police officers” they are investigating. As a result, they try to “frustrate, delay, restrict and close down investigations” to protect the targets of their inquiries.

This website fully supports Carol Howard, she appears to be one of the few decent cops that are bullied, this no doubt in part down to Carol (and other bullied officers) not conforming with the ‘unwritten‘ rules many police forces follow, abusing their powers.

A new website is under development to show the TRUTH about the IOPC.  The site is and is not affiliated with the IOPC.  It is to show the ‘dark side’ of the supposed Independent Office of Police Conduct…

If you have any experiences of corruption or malpractice by the IOPC (IPCC) please let us know using the contact form.




  1. Please reply asap today with your email address and Carol Howard it is vitally important and urgent! Am ex police officer retired Advocate working with John Wedged ex Met Police!


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