IOPC secretly overturn misconduct ruling of DS Andy Langton for an offence against a child!

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DS Andy Langton of Lancashire Police was deemed by the IOPC to have committed a serious offence against a 13-year-old child.

The offence was so serious, that the IOPC (formerly the IPCC) said DS Langton should face a ‘misconduct meeting‘.

This is what was written in the IOPC report.

Under Paragraph 27(3) of Schedule 3 of the PRA that DS Langton may have a case to answer for Misconduct [and] consider that the officers actions are so serious they require, under paragraph 27(3) (b) of Schedule 3 of the PRA (disciplinary proceedings) the officer be dealt with at a misconduct meeting.”

SO SERIOUS‘ was their determination that after the IOPC investigation, it was deemed DS Andy Langton of Lancashire Police should face a ‘misconduct meeting‘.

The IOPC being the ‘Independent Office of Police Conduct’, made it 100% clear that this finding was FINAL and cannot be appealed without a Judicial Review.

Little did the victim know that the Police ‘legal team‘ made contact with the IOPC and unofficially ‘appealed‘ this decision that cannot be appealed, and, the IOPC overturned their decision and did not inform the victim!  This was relayed to the victim by the police, the very organisation that had committed the offence!

This has been now reported to the internal investigation unit within the IOPC and the findings will be posted here, or on the dedicated website about the IOPC corruption, IOPC.ORG.UK

Local MP Rosie Cooper has also been notified and her response (if any) will be posted. It is believed that Rosie Cooper is ‘scared‘ of confronting Lancashire police as it may affect her political career.


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