Is this evidence that Lancashire police BRIBED a Magistrate

Paul Brooks is an ex-Lancashire police officer.  He is also a Magistrate in the courts of Lancashire.

Paul Brooks started a charity, North West Blood Bikes.

Lancashire police gave Paul Brooks, a magistrate, a police motorcycle worth £7,000. Read the article here.

Good cause or not, the police are not allowed to ‘dispose of‘ any items above £2,000, they must sell them.  After all, this Motorcycle was paid with TAX payers money.

Furthermore, the Motorcycle, a pristine BMW, PN07 ECJ, fully kitted out.  It was worth well in excess of £7,000 and was intentionally and fraudulently ‘de-valued‘ by Lancashire police to a value of only £1,500, this was to put the bike within the threshold of ‘disposable items’, this one was then disposed of to a “SERVING MAGISTRATE and ex-cop, Paul Brooks”.

Confirmation of the authorisation to donate (de-value) was provided by Clive Grunshaw but in a request to Lancashire police, they attempted to redact the name. This is the Freedom of Information request to Lancashire police.

Two names are offered by Clive Grunshaw that are redacted by Lancashire police.  Chris Malken and Tim Ewen (Head of Business Support).

The email from Tim Ewen to Chris Malken states ‘Following our discussion…‘, I can only imagine how this discussion was about how to re-value the motorcycle, saying the estimated value is £1,500.  This is fraud.

The Motorcycle was handed over the Paul Brooks by the Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw who is no stranger to fraud allegations. (read about that here)

When questioned via Freedom of Information via an open website, Clive Grunshaw initially lied saying the charity purchased the motorcycle.  After further pressure, he admitted it was given away.  Although Clive Grunshaw is the Crime Commissioner, he REFUSED to take any action and brushed the allegations aside.

Lancashire police have been asked but has just ignored the questions.

A case of Police putting themselves above the law, only this time, a Court Magistrate is actually involve in the alleged Fraud.

Thankfully local press have picked up on this and it is now only a matter of time before the tax payers who have been ripped off by Lancashire police start asking questions.

Read the article on QLocal Ormskirk


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