Its about time Andy Woodward answered some questions!

Andy Woodward assault of women
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The facts are pretty clear, Andy Woodward was sacked from Lancashire police for ‘sexual related incidents’.  The truth is, he is alleged to have reported a girl who has publicly stated Andy Woodward raped her.

due to the shitty media of this country, they have all jumped on the poor Andy Woodward as the victim simply because his story was bigger than RAPE VICTIMS.

So, Andy Woodward reported these truthful comments as being ‘harassment’.  Yes, Lancashire police spoke with the rape victim about the articles on this website and NO they took no action, the fact of the matter is, the articles are true and the police CANNOT silence a victim of rape.  Andy Woodward then paid a solicitor to have this website taken down.  That is impossible as it will always return.

When Andy Woodward was asked in public to comment, he refused to comment.  Telling a Twitter user the police are investigating…  later blocking the twitter user.

Well, that was 2016, the investigation came to nothing so, Come on Andy, time to answer the questions in public.  You cannot hide this forever.   The truth WILL come out.


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