Kind words from Alex Belfield who is also plagued by police corruption

Some will no doubt already follow Alex Belfield on his now-famous YouTube channel, ‘Alex Belfield – The Voice of Reason‘.

Alex was falsely arrested several times and has fought corruption in the police, he set up his YouTube channel only 12 months ago, and in his first year, amassed over 320,000 subscribers.  A voice for himself and the people who want to stand up against corruption and other left-wing ideas.

This is what the police hate, people who stand up for themselves and make public what the police would rather keep quiet.  Police love nothing more than to bully those who either can’t or don’t stand up to bullies.

Alex Belfield has personally given Mr Ponting his admiration for standing up to the police, saying he ‘truly admires his tenacity‘, and urging Mr Ponting to ‘keep fighting‘, advice that MR Ponting intends to take.

If you have not seen his YouTube channel… where have you been hiding!!!

I urge you to take a look, he is entertaining as well as fearless of the establishment and speaks his mind saying it as it is, just like this website.

Below is one of his YouTube videos, click and subscribe to his channel, your day will become brighter.



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