Kyoji Mochizuki of Sussex now posting fake pornographic images of teenage girl, Sussex police do fuck all

The cu*t Kyoji Mochizuki, aka Taz Ryder, aka Tariq Elmughrabi, aka Blake Tyler who lives in Sussex, has now created horrific fake pornographic images of a teenage girl.

The girl has no involvement with the sick fuck Mochizuki who sent the images to the girl’s father.

Sussex police are doing fuck all about it, they are more concerned over their own major fuck up by Rose Horan.

George Vella of Bedfordshire is linked to Kyoji Mochizuki, George Vella has liked malicious posts by Kyoji Mochizuki and is actively sharing the malicious posts created by Mochizuki.

Below is George Vella sharing a malicious website created by Kyoji Mochizuki

George Vella – Bedfordshire

The following image shows that only George Vella is liking and encouraging Kyoji Mochizuki.

George Vella is the only supporter of this sick man attacking an innocent teenage girl with fake revenge porn.

Kyoji Mochizuki has been accused of raping a 15-year-old boy. Kyoji Mochizuki’s own (half) brother has stated Kyoji Mochizuki is a paedophile and even so, George Vella is still in full support of him.

George Vella is facing prosecution in October for Malicious Communications against the girl’s father and mother yet George Vella continues his course of conduct.


Kyoji Mochizuki – AKA Taz Ryder

He is believed to now have scruffy hair, like a scarecrow and maybe orange or green.

If anyone has any information about this twisted fuck or his location, please contact us.

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