Kyoji Mochizuki of Sussex police stalking and Blackmailing a teenage girl

For over 24 hours, a cu*t by the name of Kyoji Mochizuki who lives in Sussex has been stalking a teenage girl, posting her pictures on the internet and now blackmailing her.

Kyoji Mochizuki is also posting pictures of the recently deceased grandfather of the girl and making sick comments suggesting the children are child slaves and referring to the grandfather as a paedophile.

The c*nt has now been linked to several malicious domains, the piece of shit thinks he is anonymous but the fuck witt has no idea.

Kyoji Mochizuki is now targetting kids, he apparently raped a 15-year-old boy and still Sussex police sit back and do fuck all.

Kyoji is obsessed with paedophilia and so are his acquaintances.

Kyoji Mochizuki is linked to another sicko, George Vella from Bedfordshire who is also involved in the stalking and Vella seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Taz (Kyoji).


He is believed to have scruffy hair, like a scarecrow and maybe orange or green.

If anyone has ANY information about this twisted fuck or his location, please contact us.

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