Lancashire Chief Constable Andy Rhodes supports child attacks by police!

I am aware of two cases where the chief constable of Lancashire Police, Andy Rhodes has supported Lancashire police officers who have attacked children.

One was my son when a cop, DS Andy Langton revealed private and confidential information abut a 13 year old to a police informant (Paul Turner) who then went and posted this on the internet.  Neither DS Andy Langton or Paul Turner were held to account.   It seems the Chief constable likes his cops attacking children otherwise you would think he would put his foot down.


Second was this article where a Lancashire cop slapped a 14 year old girl.  Yes, she was resisting, but she is 14 and two adults are attacking her.  You can resist arrest if the arrest is unlawful and we all know there is a lot of that going about, Lancashire police just coughed up £35k to me for unlawful arrest and other things.   What is it with the Chief Constable of Lancashire and defending assault/attacks on children!

Chief constable DEFENDS cop who slapped 14-year-old girl in the face during violent arrest in Accrington

Do you have any further information where Andy Rhodes has supported child attacks?  Contact us now.

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