Lancashire Chief Constable APOLOGISES for wrongful arrest, False Imprisonment, Assault and Malicious Prosecution

I can now speak out about this at last.

Lancashire Chief Constable has apologised for his police officers for the unlawful arrest, assaulting, illegally PAVA spraying me and maliciously prosecuting me. After 4 years of denial and twisting the truth, they have given in.

Lancashire police settled out of court to avoid a very public hearing, this has cost the tax payer around £135k to date.

The irony is that Lancashire police tried to turn the blame on ME for reporting Paul Turner, a police informant who targeted my family.  Paul Turner who is named in the article by the Liverpool echo and the very reason for this website.  Paul Turner is still attacking me and my family and Lancashire Police are STILL delaying doing anything.

This is what Paul Turner is publishing on a malicious website he is running.

Police are fully aware of the malicious website and know full well it is Paul Turner but so far, and as usual, they are doing nothing about it.  This is being actively blocked by Lancashire Police Inspector Jolly.


Also named in the Liverpool Echo article is Sgt Stephen Eckersley from Aughton, near Ormskirk, Lancashire (pictured below).

Sergeant Steven Eckersley Skelmersdale Police
Sergeant Stephen Eckersley of Skelmersdale Police

Police Sergeant Stephen Eckersley is in my opinion a pervert who touched my arse and called me a ‘paedo’.  My belief is he did this to intimidate me while I was restrained by two other police officers.  He should be locked up but no, Lancashire police keep officers like this to do their dirty work.

A private prosecution is now being considered against PS Eckersley and PS Hayes  (pictured below)

PS Hayes

for the assaults against me.  These two cops need to be as publicly shamed as possible for what they put my family through, they are not fit to be police officers.

A formal complaint was made against the officers involved but Lancashire police have refused to investigate.  This shows how corrupt Lancashire police force are.  Why would they refuse to investigates something that they have apologised for and spent over £135k of the public’s money to cover up.

The full particulars of claim will soon be published on a new website.  Also, all police statements relating to this will be published.  You will see how each and every one has lied.

Police have warned me that posting statements is contempt of court so further questions have now been put to them about how they ALLOWED my personal statement to be posted by two people.  This is classic Lancashire police bully tactics where there is one rule for them and another one for me.  I can only assume that George Vella of Bedfordshire and Jimmy Harrison of Ormskirk will now be charged with contempt of court by Lancashire police.  After all, they DID post my personal statement.

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