Lancashire Chief Constable apology written on imitation police letterhead

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A formal apology, legally agreed by Lancashire police has been received today, 10/10/2018.  This was part of a ‘cop out’ by Lancashire police costing the tax payer £135k.

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The letter is printed on stationary that is not an official letterhead of Lancashire police.

The constabulary logo at the top looks at best like a poorly photocopied version of the original that is different in colour, blurred and is a different size to ALL other correspondence from the police.  The letter has no footer like formal police stationary.

Over the last 4 year in my battle against Lancashire police, I have received numerous letters from Lancashire police and can say with certainty that this letter, supposedly from the highest office within Lancashire police is not official, and therefore is be definition an imitation.

I am not saying the letter has be imitated by a 3rd party external from the police, what I am saying is that the letter has been deliberately printed on non official paper.  The signature is also a scanned signature.

This letter is worthless, this is not an apology from the Chief Constable, this is an insult.  This shows that Lancashire have no intention of a heartfelt apology and are just continuing their discrimination against me just because I reported a police Informant who was giving police intel on a very large local drug dealer.


The letter was signed by a non-police officer, Ian Cosh!


So, the letter, written on NON formal police paper, saying that the Chief Constable of Lancashire police is apologising and signed by police staff, not an officer.

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