Lancashire Chief Constable in court with George Vella and Neil Wilkes

The Lancashire Chief Constable has allegedly been taken to court personally by George Vella and Neil Wilkes and ordered to hand over information relating to the ‘secret task force’ called ‘Operation Malaya‘.

There is no indication who the information is to be handed over to, it is suspected it is to the court, not Vella or Wilkes as that may have GDPR implications.  A subject access request and Freedom of Information request has been submitted for further details.

Lancashire police have previously refused to divulge much (if any) information about Operation Malaya which is believed to show corruption within Lancashire police and how they persisted in attempting to frame an innocent man (and failed) for offences he did not commit.

The task force was completely secret until George Vella posted information about it on Facebook (evidence will be added to this article in due course).  Such information would only be known by those involved in it.

After seeing Vella’s public posts, the victim made several Subject Access Requests (SAR) to which Lancashire police and the Crime Commissioner confirmed that George Vella and Neil Wilkes were both involved in Operation Malaya.

In a recent Facebook post, George Vella makes the following statement;

George Vella (admin);
Hello all. I need someone that can run this group. Someone that is news orientated and understands we do today’s news not something from 2015. Both myself and Neil Wilkes were in court with the Chief Constable of Lancashire police only weeks ago and a judge has ordered they handover all details of Operation Malaya which will show we never knew we were added to it and we will make it available to everyone including our enemies as and when we can. We have another hearing soon and have chosen Gail Hadfield Grainger and Mags McNally to represent us. I need to leave the group not because of the bullies and stalkers but for a medical reason that is life-changing. However – I will stay as long as I can. If you think you can run this group please do message me. George/

George Vella and Neil Wilkes recently failed a High Court case against their victim and were ordered to pay the victim £800 in costs.  Vella and Wilkes refused to pay and is now being pursued by High Court Enforcement.

George Vella and Neil Wilkes were both involved in the distribution of a falsified child abuse video, neither held to account by Lancashire police for their malicious actions.

Neil Wilkes has been said to have gotten a minor pregnant, confirmed by his own wife.


George Vella had an appetite for female underwear and porn mags in his early days and may attribute to his present conduct.

A young and weird George Vella

George Vella would appear to be involved in some level of police corruption and surprisingly, he makes reference to being ‘represented‘ by Gail Hadfield Grainger.  Gail, who has actively been seeking justice against police corruption herself  is now, ironically assisting Lancashire police in protecting Vella and Wilkes.



Although George Vella says he is represented by Gail and Maggs, it is presumed Gail is, in fact, acting as a ‘McKenzie Friend‘ as she would not have an automatic right of audience as neither Gail and Maggs qualified solicitors/advocates.

Gail and Maggs have been notified of the full circumstances and also provided, (in confidence), with a copy of (albeit redacted) a current Judicial Review application.

In a recent message, Gail Hadfield Grainger confirmed she is helping George Vella

Gail will know a duty of candour is expected to the court and that certain information must be declared.

Bedfordshire police are facing the costly Judicial Review for protecting George Vella from prosecution.  This decision to protect Vella was after Bedfordshire police had confirmed communication with Lancashire police who ‘encouraged’ them to drop the investigation.

This leads to many unanswered questions;

  • Why is George Vella a part of a police task force to frame a victim?
  • Why was George Vella protected by the police after creating a sickening, grossly offensive website that he admitted to making?
  • Why did Lancashire police encourage Bedfordshire police not to investigate?
  • Why did Bedfordshire police then actively go out of their way, at all costs to prevent an investigation into this.
  • Why is Gail Hadfield Grainger now getting involved in assisting a man who seemingly works with the police?
  • Why is Gail Hadfield Grainger getting involved with men involved in paedophile allegations?
  • Is Gail driven by revenge, money or justice?

Gail Hadfield Granger has been offered a right to reply to this article. – and refused


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