Lancashire cop DS Mark Burns with fetish for young woman involved in rape case

A Lancashire police officer DS Mark Burns was caught ordering dirty used ‘size 6‘ knickers online from a young 20 year old woman.

DS Mark  Burns acted deceitfully as he had them delivered to Lancashire police HQ so his wife would not find out.

A freedom of information request has been made to Lancashire police regarding the outcome of this investigation which appears to have gone unreported, maybe it was swept under the carpet.  You can track the FOI here.

Since making the FOI, a few online searches uncovered that DS Mark Burns admitted he had done this before.

Most disturbingly, DS Mark Burns has been involved in sensitive cases including historical sex abuse and also a rape investigation so questions need to be asked of his involvement in these cases and his interaction with the victims.

The young woman who sold the knickers to DS MArk Burns said:

“He really wanted my pink dirty knickers – I never imagined a man in a position of trust would be such a pervert,  It’s quite worrying when he’s working around victims of crime.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “This matter has been referred to our Professional ­Standards Department who are undertaking an investigation.  The officer has been placed on ­alternative duties while this investigation is carried out.


No articles following up on the police investigation can be found about this this pervert cop however it is suspected he is now involved in Cybercrime assuming this is his linked in profile!

This may be a wide are of crime but Cybercrime can involve images that should not be available to perverts!

This site will be update in due course.

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