Lancashire Detective Constable facing a Private Prosecution for Perjury

Lying Police

A female Detective Constable from Lancashire police is facing charges of Perjury, contrary to the Perjury Act 1911 although Lancashire PSD is doing all they can to protect her.

DC H******* cannot be named due to the Snowflake Act 2020, introduced by Lancashire police in March 2020.

DC H******* provided a witness statement in the form of an MG11.  She signed it of her own free will, in the knowledge that the MG11 clearly states;

“the witness is liable to prosecution if found to have wilfully stated something she knows to be false or does not believe to be true”

In the statement numerous malicious lies were written by DC H*******.  However, all were defended, ‘at all costs‘, by Professional Standards (PSD).

The head of PSD appeared to have a ‘personal connection’ with DC H*******, wishing her ‘Good Luck‘ before she took to the witness, stand armed with her statement of lies, lies that PSD fully defended.

One of the comments made by DC H******* was


DC H******* made the big mistake that she has made an allegation of a serious criminal offence to support a ‘civil dispute’.

DC H******* is a Lancashire police officer and had she been stalked by a person and taken pictures of her to post on the internet would have without question, reported this criminal offence and the man arrested and charged with stalking?

Not only was the man not charged, he was not even questioned.  The reason being, the allegation was a fabrication of the sick minded police officer who was determined to cause as much harm to him as she possibly could.

A number of years earlier, DC H******* had arrested the man and in December 2020, the man received £2,000 for the arrest which was unlawful.

DC H******* was so intent to cause the man harm, she wilfully fabricated malicious allegations against him, on oath and in a signed statement of truth.   Fortunately, she is not a bright detective as she would have though about the ‘paper trial’ required to support the allegations.

The man made a Subject Access request to Lancashire Subject Access who have confirmed that no allegation was made, there is no information to support the fabrication from the officers twisted mind.

The request was for all information was

I am aware that an allegation has been made against me by a Lancashire police officer. This was made some time prior to 11th September 2019 by DC H*******. (deduced from the time the allegation was published)

Please provide me, all details (my personal data) relating to any criminal allegations made against me by DC H*******, specifically any of ‘STALKING’.   These details would be the allegation(s), the incident log(s), the crime reference number(s), the specific(s) of any of the allegations and the investigating officer(s).

Lancashire police Subject Access have confirmed that no data exists.

This means that none of the above exists as any existence of the mans name in any of the above would be personal data and legally must be provided.

This means that the statement written by DC H******* has now been proven to be a lie yet Lancashire police have confirmed in a response to a complaint that there is ‘no evidence that DC H******* committed perjury’. (A lie to cover a lie).

Lancashire police are clutching at straws now, knowing that the end is near.  The High Court are to be involved a further Judicial Review over this matter should the IOPC fail to do their job.  If no action is taken, a barrister has agreed to pursue this as a Private Prosecution against DC H*******.

Perjury strikes at the heart of Justice.


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