Lancashire PC confirms Paul Turner is a police informant then lies about it


This article has been re-published without the police officers identity due to Lancashire police getting a gagging order preventing me mentioning any Lancashire police officer online. 

I can provide the recordings and officers identity via email if requested.


Those who have followed my history with Lancashire police will know that the troubles I have endured revolves around their protection of a police informant.  that is, a C.H.I.S. (Confidential Human Intelligence Source), or more commonly known, a snitch.

paul turner police informer
Paul Turner police informant

I will not go into the detail in great depth how Paul Turner being a police snitch is relevant other than to say, he has committed multiple offences against my family and Lancashire police have failed to prosecute him.  This includes threatening to kill my wife and children as well as grossly offensive material he posted.

He also knowingly perjured himself in court which was an attempt to pervert the course of justice, this includes perverting the course of justice by Lancashire police as well…(more on this soon)

The following is a transcript of an audio recording is of PC D****  G****** of Lancashire police confirming Paul Turner is a police informant.

Audio Clip 1 (available on request)

“His [Paul Turner’s] main concern now is the police informant business cos its put him in a sensitive position he might get exposed”

Audio Clip 2 (available on request)

“He was saying it was only you that know” [relation to being a police informant]

So, from the above, PC D**** G****** confirms he was talking to Paul Turner and that Paul Turner said  ‘only you know’ [he is a police informant]. Which PC G****** lies about in audio clip 3 lower down.

From the above audio, it is pretty conclusive that Paul Turner told PC D**** G****** that he was a police informant.  There is NO DOUBT of this, yet, 4 year later, a phone call with the same PC D**** G******, he tells a very different story…


Audio Clip 3 (available on request)

PC D**** G****** LYING

Here, PC D***y G****er says ‘he cannot recall the previous conversation‘ and said ‘I don’t recall Paul Turner telling me he is a police informant’.  Blatant lies!

This audio recording and officer identity is available to anyone that requests it via email



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