Lancashire police abuse the legal system pursuing an unlawful restraining order

It has been alleged that Lancashire Legal Servies have intentionally abused the legal system by using public funds to seek an unlawful injunction against a man who actively blogs about police corruption.

The injunction was brought without notice (that alone was deemed an abuse by the courts).  Lancashire police also attempted to get the power of arrest, this was declined by the court.

A number of police officers told lies on oath.

The Judge (QC David Knifton) was found to have a financial connection to the police.  As Knifton is a current private fee-earning barrister, one of his clients happens to be the police.   Knifton, who is a masonic sympathiser, failed to disclose this conflict of interest at court.

The order was brought because one Chief Inspector said the blogging was the “MOST HARASSING THING I HAVE WITNESSED”, yet the officer did not attempt to bring criminal charges, nor did the officer ask the blogger to remove posts.

In fact, in 2019, one article deemed offensive by police was brought to the blogger’s attention, the blogger removed the comments without question.

The blog posts complained of were mildly irritating at best, for example;

An officer who has assaulted the blogger, the assault was caught on CCTV was labelled ‘PC DICKHEAD’.  A complaint against this officer was not recorded as the police said they were unable to identify him.  A full-frontal photo of the officer’s face was given.  This is a lie by the establishment as the officer was easily identifiable.

Another officer passed confidential information about the blogger’s child to a police informant.   The police admitted the data breach, they took no action against the officer yet recently paid just under £12,000 to the victims. (public money).  A blog about this officer was said to have caused him ‘harassment‘, even though the article was 100% factual about a public servant, and Lancashire police paid thousands of pounds in compensation.

Another officer who lied on oath said she was ‘harassed’ as she was accused of perverting the course of justice.  She has been proven to have lied in her statement and on oath.  Rather than the police seek to root out this evil corrupt officer, they protected her even when she gave live evidence on oath.  She was wished ‘good luck’ by a senior member of PSD before she gave evidence.  A recorded conversation with a Superintendant proves this officer lied, yet the Judge, QC David Knifton refused to let it be played in court.

Rather than rooting out the corruption within their own police force, Lancashire constabulary has STOLEN funds from the public purse to pursue a restraining gagging order, to stop the blogger from exposing what they have done.

To stop the blogger exposing the police, an infinite restraining order has blocked him from mentioning ANY Lancashire police officer, for ANY reason, on ANY place on the internet.

This means, if there was a police officer named, ‘PC Richard Head‘, the blogger cannot mention his name or collar number or even describe him or mention the station he works at.  If PC Head were to capture an corrupt cop, the Blogger could not post a message saying;

Congratulations to PC Richard Head for catching a criminal.

Such a simple comment would likely see the blogger sent to prison.

Some people may say, ‘ah, but under the circumstances, this would be acceptable‘.  WRONG.  The court order is a sealed order of the court, it is breached, as written.

Remember, Lancashire police used almost £40,000 of public money to pay a supposed ‘top barrister’ and solicitor to word the order to ensure it is within the bounds of the Human Rights Act and is lawful. The Masonic judge agreed with their wording and the order was sealed.

The blogger even contacted Lancashire police legal services for clarification, as he pointed out it was a breach of his Fundamental Human Rights, was oppressive, was dis-proportionate, how it was not a pressing need in a democratic society, yet, Lancashire police ‘LEGAL SERVICES, responded with the following (with relation to the prohibition);

“It further includes not only the naming of ‘LC Staff’ but of using any description as to their identity (for the avoidance of doubt this could include for example their rank or the station at which they are based).”

In a completely innocent comment, the blogger replied to a Facebook comment made by another person.

This person transpired to be a current service Lancashire police officer offering help on Facebook.

By replying, the officer’s full name was included in the response by the blogger. A BREACH OF THE RESTRAINING ORDER.

After concern for discovering what he had done, the blogger reported himself to Lancashire police that he had breached a sealed court order. The order sought by Lancashire police and one in which Lancashire police had clarified the meaning, and used almost £40,000 of public money to fund.

So far, Lancashire police have failed to respond to the breach.

The blogger now being extremely anxious as he must now face the Crown Court for an imprisonable offence, one of which he alleges entrapment by Lancashire Constabulary by means of an unlawful court order.

This trial will be a public event and the blogger will, via this website, when the trial date known.


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