Lancashire Police ALLOW malicious website risking my life

I am not going to put the link here for fear of a risk to my families welfare.

Lancashire Police via Superintendent Eddie Thistlethwaite were fully informed about a malicious website being produced by a known person named Darren HOGAN.  The website was horrific and made dozens of sick accusations about me and my wife.  This included calling me a paedophile and saying a looked up a 2 year old and more.

for the record, Hogan’s facebook page had him holding a child. I said to him “I hope your son is proud of his father” and Hogan turned this into ‘looking up a two year old!

Eddie Thistlethwaite of Lancashire Police was 100% aware of this sickening crime before it happened but as usual, they did fuck all about it.

Superintendent Thistlethwaite and other police knew about it BEFORE it was published yet they ‘TURNED A BLIND EYE‘.

The culprit named Darren HOGAN of Wolverhampton BJJ club, has been arrested by West Midlands Police, but the police (both Lancs and West Midlands) knew the website was going to be published. Full evidence was supplied at least 24 hours before.   This was evidence for a serious crime, that they all ALLOWED to continue.

This will not be the last they will hear of this.  The badge will not help you, you are all individuals.

I have had to spend over an hour with my children this evening explaining how a ‘bad person‘ has set up a malicious website their dad and that if anyone makes any comments in school they must ignore it and tell teachers.

Why the FUCK should I have to do this when police knew all about it!

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