Lancashire police and the IOPC in hot water for protecting a police officer who committed perjury

Lancashire police will now be forced to investigate a police officer who intentionally lied on oath resulting in Mr Ponting being convicted of a criminal offence.

CCTV was allegedly illegally withheld by Insp A***** J****, the CCTV proved the offence of perjury.

Mr Ponting was forced to seek a Court Order for the evidence to be released, evidence that saw Mr Ponting’s unsafe conviction immediately overturned without an appeal trial.

Insp A***** J**** who illegally blocked access to the evidence, maliciously tried to convince the Judge that he believed Mr Ponting would somehow ‘manipulate the evidence‘.  An allegation based on nothing, he was desperate to have the evidence buried.  The Judge saw right through this dodgy cop and said the evidence MUST be released and can be viewed together to the dismay of the Inspector who preferred it be buried.

Insp A***** J**** had tried (and failed) to stop the footage being released, (perverting the course of justice).

The footage was inspected by the CPS barrister and Mr Ponting’s barrister minutes before the appeal trial.  The CPS barrister immediately offered no evidence for the appeal.  Mr Ponting was acquitted.  The footage was conclusive!  LANCASHIRE POLICE LIED IN COURT.

The footage was devastating to Lancashire police, especially to PS O******* (the liar) as it proved he did kick Mr Ponting (TWICE), a fact he denied on oath. This resulted in Mr Ponting being found guilty of a criminal offence.

The lie by PS O******* was absolutely material to the case, making the offence of perjury made out.

DPP Law of Liverpool has now agreed to represent Mr Ponting in a Judicial Review application that the IOPC has agreed to fund.   They are also reviewing Civil Action against Lancashire constabulary.

Mr Ponting made his own submissions to the IOPC in a formal Letter Before Action (‘LBA’).

The basis of the LBA was that the IOPC were wrong in failing to uphold a complaint made to Lancashire constabulary by Mr Ponting.

On receiving the LBA, the IOPC quite rightly conceded their decision saying it was incorrect.   The have agreed that their decision be quashed (overturned).  The IOPC also agreed to cover the legal bill for doing this as it must be done by way of Judicial Review.

The IOPC will likely now enforce Lancashire police to record the initial complaint, something Lancashire police desperately tried to cover up.

Lancashire police will defend this officer at ALL costs, however,  any further attempts to hinder this complaint of a serious criminal offence will be met with legal challenge.  PS O******* will face the courts, even if it is by way of a Private Prosecution.

After Mr Ponting made the initial complaint, Lancashire police refused to even record it and tried fobbing Mr Ponting off with the incorrect appeal body.

Mr Ponting had made it abundantly clear within the complaint that the correct appeal body must be the IOPC.  Lancashire PSD will have know this was incorrect so suggests they are anything but professional.    Lancashire police instead, referred the appeal to the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner.  This was overturned after the IOPC was notified by Mr Ponting.

Once the IOPC were made the appeal body, the appeal was sent to them.  Fully expecting the complaint to be upheld, Mr Ponting was gobsmacked to see the IOPC were in fact, defending the Lancashire police officer from any criminal investigation.

This is when Mr Ponting took the extraordinary steps to bring a Letter Before Action.  Something available to all complaints however the process is complex and the authorities know that not many will proceed this far.

To add insult to injury, QC David Knifton made absurd comments in a separate civil hearing, supporting the fact that many complaints by Mr Ponting were not upheld by Lancashire police, in some way inferring Mr Ponting was wrong making complaints!

Well, I hope QC David Knifton can now see that his masonic pals in Lancashire police are not only failing to uphold complaints but failing to even record them.  And QC David Knifton being about as low as you can be in the judiciary (a part-time judge), hopefully, will now be looked on like a moron from his superiors in the higher courts for his ridiculous assumptions.

This full complaint to Lancashire police including their response and the IOPC correspondence will soon be published in full on

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