Lancashire Police are a laughing stock

Lancashire police, all eyes are on you

Lancashire police recently paid from public funds £135k after they tried to frame me (and failed) for crimes I did not commit.

The public want answers, we will get answers.

It is pathetic how they attack a man who has morals and persistence and will not stand down when they try to bully him.

Lancashire police tried to stitch me up because I reported one of their police informants who threatened to kill my wife and children.

They did not want to prosecute the informant because he was giving police ‘juicy intel‘ (words of DS Sean Cloherty or Ormskirk) on a local drug dealer who was put away for about 12 years. .

Detective Constable Sean Cloherty
DS Sean Cloherty

They tried to silence me by charging me for crimes I did not commit, but they did not expect me to fight back and stand up to them but I did and won.  They are typical bullies in gangs hate it when their victims stands up.

The other laughable thing is, they are supposed to be Criminal Investigators…!

The classic example of how shit Lancashire CID are (or liars)…

This Lancashire cop in the photo assaulted me and police say they are unable to identify him.

He must have seen his photo on my website, facebook, twitter, I even pinned it to the wall at Skelmersdale police station so he must know he is being looked for but obviously he is a coward.

I even have photos of him chatting to PS Stephen Eckersley (who sexually assaulted me).  Strange how PS Eckersley can’t identify him. Was PS Eckersley involved in this lie?  Maybe, just maybe this PROVES that Stephen Eckerlsey is a LIAR. Who’d have thought that!

This cop assaulted me.  The assault took place in Skelmersdale police station, caught on CCTV and Lancashire police say they are unable to identify him.  They are stumped!

I will be publishing the full details of the communication I have had with Lancashire police over this.  It really is a joke and this is a major embarrassment to the force.

Does this prove that Lancashire police are utter useless cops or LIARS. (or both).

If you know the identity of this police officer, please comment.  You can remain anonymous.

These are the only two options.


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  1. Hi
    Ive been in the same Position not too long ago which has gone on for over 2 years , when 2 coppers who live next door to me tried to set me and my wife up one saturday night they arraged for their friends to be on duty and they assaulted My Wife and Myself that Night and entered my house illegally , after over 2 years and over £20,000 of my own money and every thing that they tried to get me and my wife set up for or use against us, has been thrown out of court all because the woman copper next door wanted a piece of ground that I own and nobody says no to them because they are copper sand we all know what they can do to you . The case is now with the Crown Office in Hamilton as the Procurator Fiscals Office in Dumfries only backed the corrupt coppers up and did nothing with them , they are now being investigated for Purjery etc in a public office ,they even got my Doctor to try and set me up too, watch this space as we will surely keep you informed !
    We believe they have an organisation within the police that if anyone says anything about them or reports them for doing illegal practices they help one another to frame you ( Crime Stoppers is Useless Too ) I Believe they call thenselve the ( Vigalante Police ) this is what I have heard on the Grape Vine , and whe they get involved this is called the Blue hand of death , they pass on information down or up the line by word of mouth so it is untraceable and so they can go un prosecuted or had up by the Information Commissioner !

    Names of Coppers etc can be provided if requested

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