Lancashire Police asked by Local MP to identify Skelmersdale Police Informant

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A letter sent from Local MP, Rosie Cooper to the Chief Constable of Lancashire police, Andy Rhodes, asks:


Ask yourself this, would a Local MP ask such a direct question to the Chief Constable of any police force if there was no evidence to support the allegation?

Paul Turner has already confirmed he is a police Informant in an industrial tribunal that he started (and failed) and also in a number of recorded conversations with PC Gardner of Lancashire police.  The tribunal and recordings can both be seen/heard by following the respective links. (tribunal / recordings)

Local MP, Rosie Cooper has also called for an urgent investigation into corruption in Lancashire Police.  This was sent to Chief Constable Andy Rhodes, Rt Honourable Amber Rudd and the home office.

The alleged corruption was when a businessman dismissed an employee named Paul Turner from Skelmersdale.  Turner went on a 4 year harassment campaign against his former employer, the victim which was bizarrely ‘defended‘ by Lancashire police.

After the first 6 months of doing nothing, the victim resorted to disclosing information proving that Paul Turner was an active Police Informant and alleged that this was why Lancashire police had refused to take any action against him.  From this point on, Lancashire police turned on Paul Turner’s victim even went so far as to maliciously prosecute him on falsified charges brought by police without CPS advice.  Fortunately, the victim was 100% acquitted and Lancashire police are now facing a costly civil suit for damages.

After almost 5 years of fighting and further police abuse, the victim received the letter from his local West Lancashire MP, Rosie Cooper, asking the Chief Constable Andy Rhodes, “if Paul Turner is a Police Informant”?

MP, Rosie Cooper is 100% aware of all the incidents that have happened to the victim, not only by Paul Turner but also the police themselves.  This includes more recently an arson attack which police have failed to investigate, failing to get crucial forensic evidence and failing to collect crucial CCTV.




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