Lancashire Police assault the same victim 5 times in 2 years

Lancashire Police have to date, assaulted an innocent victim, FIVE times in a two year period.

Paul Ponting was assaulted by Lancashire Police officer outside his home,  when he was unlawful arrested (found to be an unlawful arrest in Chorley Magistrates).


Assault 1 – by PC Hayes of Lancashire Police
PC HayesPaul Ponting was pepper sprayed in front of his children during an unlawful arrest where he held his injured hand to his chest.  PC Hayes tried to cuff him and as he refused to have his injured hand cuffed, he was pepper sprayed.  At no time was the arrest resisted (albeit unlawful) the only resistance was to his injured hand being cuffed after stitches had recently been removed.  PC Hayes’s colleague (one of the few decent Police officers), confirmed in court that PC Hayes lied in his statemen concurring with Paul Pontings statement, not PC Hayes.  Read more about this here
No one has been held to account!


Assault 2 – by Sgt Eckersley  of Lancashire Police
sgt-stephen-eckersley-choking-victimWhen Paul Ponting arrived at Skelmersdale Police station, CCTV evidence shows him fully complying with Police officers.  Only when Sgt Stephen Eckersley told Paul Ponting that he was going to be [illegally] strip searched for no apparent or legal  reason, did Paul Ponting rightly resist.  A strip search should never be forced.  The ‘victim’ should be asked to comply first.  Strip searches should be authorised by an Inspector or above and clothes should be removed, top half then bottom half, never stripped fully naked.  Sgt Stephen Eckersley of Ormskirk, was caught with his hand around Paul Pontings throat pushing him up against a wall.  Read more about this here
No one has been held to account!


Assault 3 (sexual) – by Sgt Stephen Eckersley  of Lancashire Police
PS Steven Eckersley Sexual Assault Skelmersdale PoliceWhen Paul Ponting was illegally strip searched as detailed above. Sgt Eckersley, with a rubber gloved hand, pushed his fingers between the cheeks of Paul Pontings arse.  This strip search was illegal and Sgt Stephen Eckersley perversely touching Paul Pontings arse is sexual assault. Read more about this here
No one has been held to account!



Assault 4 – by unknown officer of Lancashire Police
lancashire-police-officer-assaulting-heart-attack-victimLater the same evening after Paul Ponting had been assaulted three separate times and left naked in a cell suffering untreated injuries, Paul Ponting experienced such severe chest pain that he believed it was a heart attack.  He was noted to be in pain and the custody Sargent (who authorised the illegal strip search, Sgt Sigley) dial 999 for an ambulance.  During this time, and unknown officer (police have refused to name him) came into the cell and tried to coerce Paul Ponting to get dressed (when he was clearly unable and in severe pain).   This was to avoid Paramedics asking the Police ‘awkward’ questions  (such as, why is the victim naked, why is he covered in injuries, why hasn’t he had medical attention.)  This officer, after telling Mr Ponting to get dressed, decided to thrown the clothes on Paul Pontings head. This incident, in isolation, may not be a significant assault, but under the circumstances, amounts to a significant assault.  Read more about this here
No one has been held to account!

Assault 5 – by Inspector Martin Melvin of Lancashire Police

Inspector Martin MelvinWhen Paul Ponting and his wife was invited to Ormskirk Police station for a meeting with Inspector Martin Melvin, Paul Ponting asked Ins Melvin a question.  The question was related to the investigation and very pertinent. As Inspector MArtin Melvin was clearly uneasy answering it, he refused.  He then told Paul Ponting to MOVE.  Mr Ponting said that was not police, Inspector Melvin then shove Paul Ponting out of the way.  Other officers pretended they did not see it.  This was captured on Mrs Pontings phone.  It has been witnessed by a few people but unfortunately accidentally deleted trying to transfer it from the phone.  Read more about this here
No one has been held to account!

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