Lancashire police assaulting an asian man who had surrendered

We do not know what this man had done, but he had obviously not posed a threat to the police.

He was walking down the road and stopped by a police car.

He approached the police car as if to see what was the problem and as soon as he realised they wanted to detain him, he put his arms up and stood still.

What happened next was a shock.


  1. Staffordshire Police are just as dirty. & NHS
    There is not 1 reason for the officer’s behaviour. Not a reason that would be good enough. Our system are commit most vcrimrs & are operating county lines

  2. We do not really know what was happening as it is hard to see. There was clearly deemed a need for multiple police officers to deal with this matter. Let us not be too hard on the officers who do a difficult job.

  3. Why is this article saying ‘Muslim man’ and not ‘Man’, lets be clear this clip is showing behaviour that requires explanation if only to prove a point that nothing that this person has done deserves that level of restraint, better describe as assault.
    It is clear from the clip this man had already ‘surrended’ before these officers jumped and assulted him, I am sure he had not been spoken to regarding the reason for his detainment, the focus was on each officer having a hand on restraining him by whatever means they felt comfortable doing. The fact they felt that comfortable should tell you what sort of Police Officers they are. This ‘clip’ is absolutly no different to hundreds posted in America on the way they Police citizens. We should not be surprised that ‘they’ have been allowed to ‘perform their role’ this way as our Conservative Govenment values are closely aligned to those of the Republicans’ in the states. Given this clip is now in the public domain it’s incumbent on all of us to ask questions. Why not give these people a ring and ask them what they think, I have! Police and Crime Commissioner 01772 533587, Police Professional Standards 01772 413777 (answerphone, leave a message)

      • My apologies, you are completely correct your clip does say Asian and not Muslim. Unfortunately I had opened the same clip on YouTube where it does refer to the person as Muslim. I would have made the same comment replacing the word ‘Muslim’ for ‘Asian’. Thanks & Sorry

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