Lancashire police BLOCK a Freedom of information request to protect misconduct allegations

Freedom of Information is a legal obligation that organisations are legally required to provide the requested information.

That being said, some organisations with skeletons in the closet do not like releasing information that helps with any potential legal action against them.  So, in cases like this, the organisation (mainly police in my experience) will do anything to avoid releasing the requested information, even claiming the request for public information is somehow  ‘vexatious‘.

The following link to one such FOI request is a perfect example of how Lancashire police blocked a genuine FOI request for information that the person requesting it needs in order to follow civil action against, Lancashire police.  There may also me criminal allegations against the police and the information requested could help prove this!  What a co-incidence that Lancashire police refuse to give the information.

The question is, if someone else asks the same question, would Lancashire police refuse to provide the same information to someone else, and, if so, on what grounds?


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