Lancashire Police Chief Andy Rhodes DELETES evidence

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Andy Rhodes, the Chief Constable of Lancashire police has allegedly deleted or ‘destroyed evidence‘ of a criminal offence rather that secure the evidence and act upon it.  A complaint was made via the Police and Crime Commissioner (Clive Grunshaw) and their reply shows how the PCC appears to be attempting to cover this up.

Andy Rhodes and Clive Grunshaw
Andy Rhodes getting cosy with Clive Grunshaw

Clive Grunshaw the Police and Crime Commissioner has been involved in serious fraud allegations in the past but was cleared by the current Chief Constable at the time, Steve Finnigan. Now he appears to be helping the new Chief Constable with a duff investigation.

On the 29th of July, I was notified by a family member that a person named Darren HOGAN who already has been charged with harassment and malicious communications against me, sent a malicious message to the Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes.

HOGAN who goes by the alias ‘Darren Velasques’ had contacted Andy Rhodes, the Chief Constable of Lancashire Police, on twitter and  tweeted the following offensive comments about me.

Tweet to Andy Rhodes

The comment was deleted by Andy Rhodes, even though there was an active police investigation into Darren HOGAN regarding harassment and this was evidence.  Not that there needs to be an ongoing investigation as it would have been very clear to Andy Rhodes that HOGAN is targeting someone on a high profile police twitter account using offensive comments.

It is really important to let you know, this is not just a one off offensive remark.   Hogan has persistently attacked my family for months, he has posted malicious information all over the web.  His friend did the same ad has received a 10 week suspended prison sentence and a 7 year restraining order.  Hogan has persisted even though he now knows it is wrong and most certainly illegal.

It is also more important to note, that Lancashire police have a long standing vendetta against me and have tried to criminalise me.  They actually arrested me for allegations of harassment against Hogan which is utter bullshit fabricated bullshit and they know it.

On the 3rd August, I sent an email to the Police & Crime Commissioner,  making a complaint that the Chief Constable of Lancashire Police had deleted this evidence and failed to report this as a crime.

I received an acknowledgement from the PCC on the 15th September 2017 stating the complaint had been received and was being looked into.

On the 2nd October, 2017, I received an email from Ian Dickinson from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw with his findings in the below PDF.

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Notice how he performs his ‘investigation‘ into allegation 1, the deletion of evidence.  He ‘asked‘ someone if he deleted it, they said ‘No’, that was it, end of investigation…

I have spoken to the appropriate officer with oversight of the Chief Constable’s twitter account and have been advised that the Chief Constable did not delete the tweet posted by Mr Hogan, nor is it possible for the Chief Constable to do so”

he continues…

Therefore, I can only conclude that in relation to this element of your complaint that the Chief Constable has not deleted any evidence of a crime

Utter rubbish and a total LIE by a police officer.  The Chief Constable has full access to that account and uses it from his home address.  I have chatted to him personally, SEE EVIDENCE HERE which was only days before this incident and his own words state he was using the account from home!

The PCC also confirms the tweet is a course of conduct (of Harassment) and by the look of his email, it was not dealt with by anyone but me on the 3rd August by reporting to West Midlands police.  This had clearly not been reported prior to this by Lancashire.

The PCC then deems that the deletion of evidence and the failure to report or investigate a criminal offence would not warrant criminal or misconduct charges and therefore it is classed as a local resolution, i.e. brushed under the carpet.

Looking at the IPCC Focus guide on Local Resolution, it looks like this was an intentional abuse by the PCC.

This article will be updated…




  1. I’ve been gang stalked with police involvement at time near to Blackburn Lancashire. I informed on someone involved in drugs. I made a complaint about a hospital (RPH) which showed up a retired police officer andy williams.n The resources that have been made available to harrass me beggar belief. I was arrested by two people in police uniform on jan 20th 2016 under the mental health act and subsequently sectioned when I had not done anything of what I was accused of. I also showed that police woman evidence of how thousands of pounds was being laundered through my then HSBC account, she just told me to get a print out of my account. The collusion between authority and organised gangs is real and scary.

    • I am being gangstalked with police and emergency service involvement also but in gm. It makes u wonder what else theyve got to hide..carol woods story of gangstalking and corruption by lancashire police is one of the worst ive heard of. Her full story,replete with guilty officers names, is online under ,butlins cat.

  2. Because Andy Rhodes and PCC are not interested in investigating corruption as they are corrupt.I had the same reply about my complaint.When I then waited 6 weeks and resubmitted the complaint saying he had been aware for 6 weeks and done nothing ,Ian rolled out the he didn’t know and even when I pointed to the letter saying the PCC had spoken to him they ignored me.

    • Ian and Clive have both been reported for misconduct and this will be perused. They are clearly not fit for purpose and abusing their positions. Anyone who has had any similar experiences with Clive Grunshaw and his staff, please contact me.

  3. Begs a question as to why would Hogan be tweeting to the CC, and why would he be asking for a direct answer, and how is he in a position to call the CC mate ? .


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