Lancashire Police Officer Andy Woodward Dismissed

Andy Woodward Sacked Police Officer

Lancashire Police CID Officer Andy Woodward (and ex professional footballer) has been dismissed today (4th November 2016) for having an ‘inappropriate relationship‘ with a victims sister.  The allegation against him was rape!

UPDATE, Victim releases text messages (CLICK HERE)

UPDATE, Another Victim speaks out about assault (CLICK HERE)

UPDATE, Victim speaks out about rape (CLICK HERE)

The Misconduct hearing was held in ‘private’ as per the Lancashire Police website.

Andy Woodward was found guilty of 12 counts of gross misconduct and dismissed without notice.

He was found guilty of an ‘inappropriate relationship‘ with a victims family member for whom he was the family liaison officer.

We have been told that the victim is happy with the outcome of the misconduct hearing, however disappointed that the CPS decided not to bring criminal charges against the now ex CID Officer Andy Woodward for his actions in which it was alleged he raped his victim. (read his victim’s statement)

Andy Woodward has appeared in the Guardian, opening up about his troubled past where he was a victim of sexual abuse, not to dissimilar to what he did to his own victim.  The Guardian article failed to mention he was a serving Police officer, sacked for an inappropriate relationship? (this has now been updated on the Guardian website)

We have been told that the victim is disgusted that he has now appeared in the Guardian as the victim when there is no mention of what he has done himself.

Click link to view the Guardian article.

Andy Woodward was also the cause of a collapsed criminal trial costing the tax payer thousands of pounds, due to his conduct in court when he was a serving Police officer.  The Judge abandoned the trial after being alerted to the conduct of Andy Woodward by the jurors during the trial for an armed robbery.  The now ex Police officer Andy Woodward was seen to be shaking his head from the public gallery at the defendant and also pulling faces at the defendant when he was giving evidence for his defence.
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  1. How can you say a victim had an affair when it was rape, are you delusional or do you know this Andy person and talking for him?? Regardless he was found guilty he was removed from his post seems like rape to me!! Idiotic statementI’ve ever read

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