Lancashire police CONFIRM Operation Malaya was to frame me

Lancashire police have confirmed formally via a Subject Access request that Operation Malaya was setup to FRAME ME.  Not the exact words they used but pretty close.

They also freely named George Vella and Darren Hogan who where (if Lancashire police are to be believed), fundamental in the creation of a 4 month task force utilising a number of Lancashire police officers, full time for this Task Force to frame me (unsuccessfully I might add).

Obvious questions will be asked in due course.  A dedicated Task Force Sorry, A dedicated website has been setup now to investigate Lancashire Police and this malicious task force.

All Information will be posted there about operation Malaya

Funnily, in a freedom of information request, Lancashire police said they ‘cannot confirm or deny anything about operation Malaya.

Funny how Lancashire police we happy to disclose peoples names to me but refused to on a FOI request.


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