Lancashire police fail where other forces take action

Lancashire Police Corruption
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It has been confirmed that another man from the West Midlands who called an innocent man a ‘paedophile‘ and a ‘kiddy fiddler‘ is now being charged under Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act (1988).

These charges are being brought by West Midlands police.

This is now the 3rd man to face the same charges brought by West Midlands, against the same victim who lives in Lancashire.  The previous two men pleaded guilty and were sentenced.

These despicable acts have put this man’s life at risk, yet Lancashire police have repeatedly failed to take any action or any positive measures to protect him, in fact, in some instance, officers of Lancashire police have even said that calling this man a paedophile is ‘freedom of speech’ and not a criminal offence!

The original author of these malicious rumours is Paul Turner, a Lancashire police informant.  Lancashire police would not take any action against him when he posted the same malicious comments.

It is ironic that Lancashire police then brought criminal charges against the victim for naming the snitch online.  The victim was acquitted of these charges on the basis it was factual.  This prosecution went on to form the basis of a malicious prosecution allegation against Lancashire police which he won.

This adds further evidence that Lancashire police are intentionally protecting Turner, a police informant from prosecution.

It also appears that Lancashire police are happy for anyone to attack this innocent man in any way they wish with no criminal penalty.

This is Perverting the Course of Justice which is alleged against Lancashire police.

Where other forces take criminal action for these offences, Lancashire police turn a blind eye and is, without a doubt, their way of retaliation.






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  1. is it far fetched to think though that if the man in questions has had numerous people state the same things about him, is there any truth to it ??


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