Lancashire police force? more like police FARCE

Lancashire police have been made a laughing stock by an Ormskirk resident who police have maliciously failed multiple times.

The list of failures by Lancashire police relating to a family who are repeat victims of crime now has a growing number of the community up in arms.   This website contains most of the failures. Please take the time to read through and with an objective view.

Police have repeatedly failed the family due to police trying to defend a police informant, Paul Turner who threatened to kill their children.

After a recent theft at the family’s home on 26th March 2018, the family decided not to bother calling Lancashire police but to track the thieves themselves.  This decision was taken after repeated failures by Lancashire police force.

A red van targeted the house after spotting a car battery and a metal tool case on the side path of the house.

two of the three thieves, (one even wearing a high vis jacket) got out of the van and after a quick check up and down the road, entered the property and took both items and drove off.

The tool case contained an expensive angle grinder and some welding equipment.

After hearing the dogs bark, the female occupant of the premises quickly checked CCTV and noticed the incident. She called her husband who came home, jumped on his motorcycle and hunted the thieves around the local area.

On his motorcycle, the homeowner systematically rode around Ormskirk, starting with Scott Estate then working outwards towards Aughton.

Within 30 minutes, the van was located outside an address on Redgate, Ormskirk by the homeowner on his motorcycle. With his helmet-mounted camera, the biker approached the thieves sitting in their van sitting outside another house.

After a ‘heated‘ discussion with the thieves (who initially denied everything), they admitted what they did and drove to the premises and returned the items, claiming it was ‘an accident‘ and then even threatening the homeowner after he said, “what, you accidentally walked onto my property and stole my stuff!

theft omskirk

It was noted the van contained other items that did not seem in fitting with the thieves claiming to be ‘plasterers’ in the area.  Possibly other thefts!

The thieves excuse was that ‘a lady down the road had told them to take a battery from my drive‘… funny they could not provide any details of this ‘lady’ who felt it was her right to authorise a theft!  It was pointed out to the thieves, “so, when you took the battery, you thought you would help yourself to a tool case!

Lancashire police had previously failed to solve an arson attack at this property the year before so were avoided in this crime detection.

The arson attack caught on 4 separate CCTV cameras was unsolved by Lancashire police.  It was discovered that Police failed to check for forensic evidence, they also failed to check other CCTV in the area.

Lancashire Police Detective Sgt Monk also lied about the arson investigation saying they had checked CCTV at other residences when they had not. The homeowner again had done his own detective work and prove the police lied. Police failed to get any information for a crime with all their ‘available resources‘.

The family chose not to involve the police in the recent theft and due to this, recovered all items in full.  The thieves have not been captured by police and will no doubt take from others, this is on Lancashire police.

If you have the  names of the occupants, please let us know so they can be named and shamed

To help ID the vehicle.  It is a red ford transit. The registration is SJ04 BMY’.  It has a tow bar and a yellow light on the top rear as well as a rotating extractor as in the images.

The vehicle appears to be UNTAXED. Due on 20/12/2017.

This would mean no insurance.

Not sure the validity as this was gained by ‘Vehicle Smart’ v3.4.2.

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