Lancashire police impose unlawful Breach of Article 10 of the HRA.


After a bitter dispute with Lancashire police over articles that were published on this website, Lancashire police underhandedly sought a ‘secret‘ injunction to prevent me from posting any articles about them.  This application was ‘without notice‘, an application criticised by the Judiciary as it had no merit.  Police did not follow the CPR (Civil Procedure Rules) or any pre-action protocol.  They went straight to Court with public money. (£40,000).

This without notice injunction gave me less than 7 days to prepare for the hearing based on 500 ‘carefully prepared pages of evidence).  The police had spent as long as 9 months preparing this, and I had 7 days to respond!  This cost me £3,000+VAT.  The police used Taxpayers money with no consideration.

Eventually, a 4-day hearing commenced, funded by the taxpayer to the tune of £40,000 which included £4,000 for police to travel from Ormskirk to Liverpool on 4 occasions, that is £1,000 travel per day!  My train fare was about £10 per day.

A Lancashire Chief Inspector was the lead on the case and drafted the proposed injunction and even requested the power of arrest which was knocked back by the judiciary, this proved how eager the police were to arrest and detain me.  They know I have a lot of knowledge of their misconduct and hate the fact I speak about it.

The injunction imposed now prevents me from posting ANY article naming ANY police officer in Lancashire on ANY media for any reason and this injunction is for LIFE.

So, and for example;

the sick in the head police officer the sexually assaulted me who was not held to account, I  am not allowed to name him!

The officer who gave personal information about my 13-year-old child to a Police Informant cannot be named.

The police officer that fabricated lies in her statement about me cannot be named.


For the record, ANYONE ELSE CAN MENTION THESE OFFICER, just not me?

Under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act, I have a right to Freedom of Speech.

I understand this is a qualified right, however, the removal of such a right has to be proportionate to achieve the objective, and I accept that maybe calling some officers who sexually assaulted me a fucking pervert may be harassing to him, but this is my honest held opinion over an incident that did happen.

Lancashire police have been notified that their own worded injunction is a Breach of my Human Rights and is being challenged.

I have the right to discuss police officers, by name like any other person.  If, as the police said, some of my comments were ‘offensive’ then, as per the injunction, I accept I can be prevented from making ‘offensive’ comments (without merit).

But for me to to be banned FOR LIFE from even mentioning a Lancashire police officer by name is a breach of my Human Rights (Article 10), and this was was ‘approved’ by a Barrister, David Knifton QC who was sitting as a Recorder at the time.   David Knifton clearly was ‘pro-police’ through the hearing and eve refused to listen to conclusive evidence where police confirmed ‘THEY FUCKED UP’ (their words) and that they should have prosecuted the police informant, Paul Turner.  He did not listen to it because ‘the truth was devastating’.  David Knifton QC is a private charging barrister and surprise surprise, he states he undertakes work for the police.

So,  I will be challenging the injunction and seeking it to be varied.  I have a right to blog about police, maybe my tone should be altered but for me to be the ONLY PERSON in the UK not allowed to mention a Lancashire police officer by name seems like they really do not want me to expose the truth.

A further example, my wife who has no injunction whatsoever, posted an article, not mentioning an officer by name, simply by rank and I had police officers at my door telling me it was a breach of my injunction.  After my wife told them it was her who did it, they said, well, now Paul knows it is there, it is a breach of his restraining order for it to remain.  My wife removed it under duress.

I will not encourage ANYONE to post on my behalf, but I cannot stop anyone from doing so and to be frank, I would never try to stop anyone.


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