Lancashire Police ‘Influence’ over Masonic North West Blood Bike Charity!

I have been a volunteer for North West Blood Bikes for over a year.

I made my enquiries to join this charity a couple of years ago and started working for what I believed to be a ‘worthwhile charity‘ offering my time, my motorcycle and my fuel to help deliver emergency blood deliveries across the North West.


Please,do not support this charity.  It is infiltrated by Freemasons and headed by an EX Lancashire Police Officer and Magistrate with a grudge!  (Paul Brooks)   Look at the media on Police and Freemasons here

Although this charity is nothing to do with police, if you have made a complaint against police, Paul Brooks will alienate you!

I started volunteering for this charity because, I love riding, and while I was out riding I thought it would be nice to make use of my road time and volunteer.  That’s right, I did this for FREE, I was not employed!

There are many downsides to this charity work that people may think it is all rosy.

  • It can be DANGEROUS one of our team was recently killed as a volunteer! (R.I.P.)
  • You ride when they need you, rain or snow, nice or shit weather!
  • You ride at unsociable hours, generally through the night while everyone else is tucked up in bed or out getting pissed.
  • You ride the same route over and over, not an interesting ride.
  • You get mucked around all the time.

I chose to do this the help them, not me.  In fact, to help the NHS who, quite frankly most often call a taxi wasting more money and wasting the volunteers time who turn up only to find out the taxi has taken the samples!

You would not believe the bullshit politics going on behind the scenes.  Many of the riders are just sick to death of it, not surprising hardly any of the 500 or so riders, do not ride.

Also a Freemason.

I received an email from the Chairman, Mr Paul Brooks. It read:

“I am not privy to all the evidence, however my colleagues found you guilty, therefore I have no option but to remove you from the charity. I have to say you have not done yourself any favours with your publications on social media.

Mr Paul Brooks, as well as being the chairman of this charity, is…. an EX Lancashire Police officer.  He is also believed to be a Freemason and a Justice of the Peace (magistrate).

What an awful mix!

Due to an incident out of my control, I received a ‘minor’ conviction that was overturned on appeal.

I was assaulted while sitting in my car and my phone was grabbed from my hand.  I got out the car and tried to grab the thieving lad who attacked me and took it.  That was all I did.  Lancashire

Police charged ME (I wonder why?) even after I was categorically told by Inspector Jolly that I did not assault anyone, and was told that I was assaulted.  This was in a recorded phone call and will be published very soon. Jolly said I was assaulted but, NO assault charges brought against my attackers!

The lad was charged with a public order offence…he admitted to assaulting me (kicks and punches) yet only charged with a section 4 offence. Notwithstanding this, we were both convicted of public order, and both conditionally discharged for public order! (even though he admitted assault!)  I have since been acquitted on appeal.

I was told that getting out of the car put the lad in fear of violence, yet, the lad was convicted for assaulting me and grabbing my phone before I got out of the car, and when I opened the car door to get out, he put his arms out and shouted ‘c’mon then‘.  (Go figure that out).   I was penalised for trying to get my phone back!  (I did get it back although the little prick had cracked the screen and a civil claim is being filed for those damages) – UPDATE – Civil claim won and costs recovered.

The court confirmed the lad was the aggressor, that I was goaded by the lad and that I did not try to punch, only tried to grab him. (also confirmed by Inspector Jolly saying I did not assault anyone)

All this aside, a number of trolls.  Neil Wilkes, George Vella and convicted Darren Hogan have revelled in this incident, keeping in contact with the convicted lad who lives over 100 miles from them.  They are fed information from this lad and they then twist the truth and spread lies, malicious lies, even going so far as to call me a paedophile and saying I was arrested for sex abuse allegations against a child!

One of them made contact with the Blood Bike charity.  (This will be disclosed who very soon), most likely Neil Wilkes who boasted prior to and after the email I received before Paul Brooks.

Paul Brooks, the chairman of the charity (also a magistrate and ex cop), without any question, sent me a blunt email, telling me I was ‘terminated’ (I was a volunteer!)

This action by North West Blood Bikes Chairman, Paul Brooks, is in itself against the charity constitution which he surely signed?  This action by the chairman has now brought the charity into disrepute as his actions has opened this can of worms!

The odd thing is, the trolls had published this information on Facebook saying that I was being sacked (from a voluntary role) and my access was revoked from their systems.  This was published before I was even notified!

Now, how did the trolls  (Neil Wilkes) find this information out?  Was the charity disclosing information about me to them!  Was it Paul Brooks, the ex-Lancashire cop, I suspect so and have reported this to the ICO.

I was told by no other than Chairman Paul Brooks, that my ‘online activity’ (this web page) is against the ‘constitution of the charity’.  No Paul Brooks, it is very well for the charity.  Surely the charity supports anyone standing up against corrupt cops, unless, you are supporting ex-police colleagues up to no good!

It appears my campaign is against your personal feelings, being an ex-cop, maybe you support the corruption that I and many others stand up against! I have the balls to speak up!

Paul Brook’s way of dealing with this ‘incident’ is also against the ‘constitution of the charity’, therefore, all things being equal (and they are not if he is a Freemason)… he should now ‘dismiss himself!‘).

So,the charity seem to support police corruption if they actively target people who stand up against the corruption, or, maybe a minor criminal offence is against the constitution, even though the police, NHS and other organisations have no issues with minor criminal offences, an offence which is under appeal!

The other thing is, the North West Blood Bikes constitution (read here) makes it VERY CLEAR that any complaint must go to the committee and executive committee,  and If the complaint is ‘so serious‘, the member ‘may’ be suspended! Fuck me, yo would think I was a mass murderer the way Paul Brooks reacted!

I tried to grab a thief who punched me and stole my personal mobile phone! That is it!  Would I do it again, hell yes, and you would too!

But the decision was made by the all so mighty (head up his own fucking arse) Paul Brooks, ex Lancashire cop. No committee, no representation, no suspension, simply out the door!

A man of such standing (oh the irony) that should know the rules, but, like most bad cops (ex cops) , changes the rules to suit his own agenda.

It is odd that there are strong masonic links to this charity are far more that a couple of Freemasons within the organisation.  The Freemasons donated  £40,000 to the charity, for top of the range motorbikes and have insisted on their Masonic Logos be plastered on the bikes (against many of the riders beliefs and wishes).

Funny how all this money is pouring in to the charity that is STRUGGLING to get riders to cover demanding shifts.

I offered my time every week at the shittiest hours to deliver blood, samples, breasts milk and other urgent supplies and was dropped by an ‘ex COP‘ with reference to this website simply out of spite for my fight for justice against his colleagues!  Why else would he go against the charity rules.

So, the ex-cop Paul Brooks, Chairman of North West Blood Bikes, terminates a volunteer because the volunteer reported police misconduct and was himself targeted by police.

I am fully aware of a number of Blood Bike Riders who have criminal convictions, and not just ‘public order’…, yet, none of them were targeted.  Do not worry lads, I am not a snitch like Neil Wilkes who bragged about contacting the charity on Facebook the night before.

Neil Wilkes by the way was himself convicted for battering his wife and pushing her down the stairs. The incident reported to 999 by his own daughter!  He was acquitted at appeal, but, in Paul Brooks opinion, his ‘colleagues’ are always right!

The real irony is, I donated my time and my bike andall associated costs, because I love riding my bike.  (I am claiming all my fuel back)

The trolls think they have harmed me, Ha!.  Without the charity, I can still ride my bike, anytime I want.  I do not need to ride any 7pm to 7am weekend Blood Bike Shifts.  I hated them shitty shifts but did it because I thought I was helping critically ill people (mainly children) survive and saving the NHS money. I did this to help, seems Paul Brooks protection of corrupt police officers is more important to the charity.

Now, due to the the actions of Neil Wilkes, George Vella and Darren Hogan, and the underhanded tactics of the ex-Lancashire Cop Chairman, Paul Brooks, the charity WILL SUFFER.

I will however, still be riding my bike 🙂

Well done Neil, Darren and George.  You pulled a blinder there!

I hope none of your children require the help of the Blood Bikes that you have helped damage!

And before anyone jumps on the bandwagon.  I do NOT hate police.  What I do hate is corruption within the police.  I have friends who are both serving and retired police and see them as good friends and decent police officers. And any police friend of mine identifies to me he/she is in any way corrupt, I will disown them, like an ex-friend Sean Cloherty.

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