Lancashire Police Inspector Martin Melvin summoned to Court for ASSAULT

Inspector Martin Melvin
Inspector Martin Melvin

UPDATE: 10/05/2017

Detective Inspector Martin Melvin of Lancashire CID has pleaded NOT GUILTY to assault by beating against me. The case is now adjourned to a date later this month for case management and to fix a trial date. I will not discuss any aspects of the case publicly to avoid the sub-judice rule.


UPDATE 12/4/2017:¬†The district judge granted the criminal ‘private prosecution’.

No further information will be published due to sub-judice rules with the exception of court times and dates.


Lancashire Police Officer Detective Inspector Martin Melvin has today be summoned to Court over criminal charges of assault.

The date of the hearing is scheduled for 12th April 2017 at:

The Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts,
Derby Square,
L2 1XA

The initial application was in Preston Magistrates however the Judge referred it to Merseyside due to a ‘conflict of interest’. ¬†Apparently, Lancashire Judges do not like issuing summons against Lancashire Police!!!

For some reason, Preston Magistrates FAILED to produce the court listing correctly, were they trying to ‘hide’ the identity of a Police Officer in a public court?

Notice how everyone attending court is listed by their full name including surname, with the exception of Detective Inspector Martin Melvin who was listed only as MELVIN, D.


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