Lancashire Police LIE to ITV Television to mislead the public

Lying Police

When Lancashire police apologised to me for my unlawful arrest, unlawful detention, assault by police and malicious prosecution, this was covered by ITV Television.  The broadcast is here.

Before the broadcast was aired, Lancashire police were given a legal ‘right to reply’ by ITV’s Senior Correspondent, Matt O’Donoghue.

This was their formal response for TV publication!:

“We can confirm that following a civil claim made by Mr Ponting this matter has been settled without admission of liability by Lancashire Constabulary. This relates to an incident from June 2014.

This incident has been reviewed by our Professional Standards Department and by an external force and there have not been any disciplinary proceedings against any officers.”

Neither has this incident been investigated or has it been reviewed by any external force. This statement is a lie.

Due to the attempt to mislead the public, ITB have made further contact with Lancashire police who have now, failed to respond.  A formal complaint has now been made against the Lancashire police, Chief Constable.

At no time did Lancashire police investigate the above allegations that they have now been admitted in disguise with their worthless apology letter received on 10/10/2018.  This cost the tax payers around £135k.

At no time time has my complaint into the above actions by Lancashire police officers been investigated, and at no time has this supposed investigation been reviewed by any another police force.

As I was the victim and several of my family were witnesses to the incident.  Not one of us have been asked for our account or been asked to give a statement yet, the officers involved all gave their accounts after which the investigation was closed.

Don’t believe me..?

The investigation was also pushed by DPP Law of liverpool who were also ‘given the run around’ and it is made quite clear the lack of investigation into these very criminal allegations against Lancashire police force on a blog by one of my Solicitor’s Iain gould.

This is a clear and blatant lie by Lancashire police intended to mislead the public (you!).

I have made a subject access request to Lancashire police compliance for copies of the above ‘investigation‘ and who the reviewing force was.

Details will be published soon…

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