Lancashire police LIED on TV subject access application has been made to collect evidence

After recent ITV television coverage on my successful claim against Lancashire police, the Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes has apologised and paid (out of tax payers money) a total of around £135k to BURY this incident.

If you listen to the Television coverage, a statement from Lancashire police say that the “the incident was investigated and no action was brought against any officers“.  They even empower their statement by saying “another police force reviewed the investigation“.

The truth of the matter is this. Lancashire police have NOT investigated anything and the proof is this.

There were a number of witnesses during the police attack. Not one of these witnesses were asked to provide statements for the investigation. Not one.

As I made the allegation and I was the subject of the incident, you would think my account would have been taken. It wasn’t.

What Lancashire police did was ask the officers involved for their accounts (the officers that assaulted me). Of course they denied any wrongdoing and the case was therefore fully investigated and closed.

Lancashire police have been asked a number of times to show us how this was supposedly investigated, they either refuse or just repeat, “we investigated ourselves and we did nothing wrong

I have now made a Subject Access Request (below) to Lancashire police asking for an information pertaining to this investigation, this is to obviously include the statement from the ‘key witness’ me.

I will update this post with an reply that I get.

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