Lancashire Police OVERRULED by IPCC recording complaint against DS Andy Langton

Lancashire Police Corruption

Lancashire Police refused to record a complaint against one of their Officers, DS Andy Langton of Skelmersdale CID.

Their reasons for this refusal was that they stated the complaint was ‘vexatious’ and that the victims had a ‘vendetta against the officer!’

The decision was appealed to he Chief Constable Steve Finnigan who stood by this decision and refused to record the complaint.

This was appealed to the IPCC who UPHELD the complaint and have insisted that Lancashire Police record the complaint as the complaint was not vexatious and there was no vendetta.

This is evidence against Lancashire Police and their refusal to investigate misconduct in their own constabulary.

The reference number for this incident is : To be released

I encourage official new outlets to contact Lancashire Police Media Enquiries regarding this.

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