Lancashire police pawns PC Clark and PC Corris pervert the course of justice

I reported a crime to Lancashire police.  the crime is Malicious Communications and Harassment.

The offender is a Neil Wilkes in the West Midlands.  He posted numerous comments on the internet calling me a ‘Kiddy Fiddler’, saying I was investigated for crimes against children and recently sent me a private message calling me a fucking pedo and threatening to come down to my house!  Details of what this prick did is here

Yep, this is Neil Wilkes of the West Midlands who openly likes comments suggesting children should be abducted by asian sex gangs at christmas. Sicko! 

I am not a fan of the police but liking a sick comment like this is out of order.

This was reported to Lancashire police who gave it a crime number asking me to go and give a statement.

I went to give the statement, I had all the info posted by this evil t**t.

The cops came to the police station door wearing an active body camera.  They did not announce they were recording.

I noticed the camera and told the cop to switch it off.  He refused point blank.  PC Clark read a pre-written statement saying words to the effect,

We will not take a statement from you unless you are recorded on body worn video“,  he went on to say

If you refuses to give a statement when being recorded, we will not investigate the crime“.

He went on to tell me that there is an injunction on me… utter bullshit. What a nob to say such a load of shit like this!

I asked him who had told him to read this and he said “I don’t know“… Duh… is this guy for real.


I said surely you must know who told you to read it, he said, “I will go and find out”.  What he meant was, someone is pulling my strings and  I have to go and ask the answer to this difficult question….  PC Clark, clearly not about to answer a SIMPLE QUESTION

He came back saying it was “Supervision”.

It was pretty obvious that Lancashire police do not want me to know who is pulling the strings.  After asking him over and over, it appeared to be Supt Mark Winstanley of PSD.  (Professional Standards Department). Oh, that nob you say 🙂

Now, why would PSD try to stop a witness giving a statement….

This all came about since I have published devastating material about Lancashire police relating to Operation Malaya.  Operation Malaya is apparently a task force, set up to TAKE ME DOWN…  The reason..because I published the identity of one of their POLICE INFORMANTS.

I did this because Lancashire police were allowing this snitch to commit offences about me and these didn’t want to prosecution him because he was giving evidence about a local drug dealer, Colin Pritchard.

There is evidence that Neil Wiles is in some way linked to Operation Malaya and this may be the reason the police didn’t want to take the statement.  Well, I gave it, UNDER DURESS which was written into the statement.  Initially PC Clark and PC Corris


refused to allow me to write the statement in my own words.  They told me…

if I didn’t sign it as THEY WROTE IT, they would not investigate it.

After politely informing them they were being recorded and that trying to force me to sign a statement was illegal, they eventually allowed me to write my own statement.

Why wouldn’t cops want the victim to write their own statement.

Any cop that records me with BWV against my wishes will be videoed and published online explaining how you have treated a victim. This will be a true reflection of what you did as a police officer and will remain online for as long as necessary!

PC Clark and PC Corris may well be following orders, but the fact is, they are police officers and should know right from wrong.

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