UPDATE: Lancashire Police admit to illegal CCTV recording in a public toilet cubicle


After submitting a complaint about this. Lancashire police sent a letter saying they will not be investigating.  Their excuse reason was that they claim to have sent a letter asking if there is any more information before the investigate.  No, you did not send a letter, and NO, you have all the information.  so, now, please go and investigate WHY officers in Lancashire police are recording in public toilets!  This has been appealed.  This post will be updates soon.


A Lancashire Police Officer (CID / Special Branch Division DC Sean Cloherty) has confirmed that a past Police investigation into ‘strange activity’ within a public toilet led them (Lancashire Police) to illegally install a secret CCTV camera recording in a public toilet cubicle over a period of time.

It is to our knowledge that no crime had been committed in the public toilet cubicle other than what can only be described as a bizarre item had been left in there but DC Sean Cloherty of Ormskirk has confirmed that the CCTV was installed and recording illegally so they could discover who left the unusual (but not illegal) item.

DC Sean Cloherty stated that he was not involved in the installation of the CCTV but was somehow allowed later to view the footage that had been recorded (illegally) in the public toilet.  This would imply that the footage is not kept in any way confidential.

Recording in a public toilet is highly illegal and being ‘public toilets’ will be used by children.  This being the case, DC Sean Cloherty of Lancashire Police have stated in no uncertain terms they have recorded CCTV of children (and adults) using a public toilet.

This information has been passed to Lancashire PSD for their preliminary investigations.


  1. All those exposing corruption in the UK Police have to stick together and get it all out. So if you want to read further blogs go to ‘I am raging mad’In the meantime keep the good work going.

  2. Another website outlining UK Police corruption. The more….the better. We all need to stick together. If people keep quite no one gets to know. I have been railing against all police corruption plus in the whole justice system since 2010 and if you want to see what I have to say go to’I am raging mad’ In the meantime keep it up

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