Lancashire Police refuse to disclose BWV under Subject Access Request

Lancashire Police refuse to provide me with the body worn video that they took of me without my permission.

I had to attend Skelmersdale Police station to report a crime.  The officers refused to take a statement unless they recorded the process on body worn video.  I did not want to do this, and this conversation was recorded on Police body worn video.

Under the Data Protection Act, you can request via a Subject Access request, any data held about you.  This BWV (body worn video) is my personal data, they recorded me without my permission.

I paid the nominal fee of £10 to Lancashire Police and they then refused to provided the footage  (they did cash my cheque though).

They said (in so many words) it had the other police officer in the footage and therefore could not supply it.  The ‘other’ police officer who I was speaking to in the video stated a number of things that related to why I was not allowed to report the crime unless I was recorded on body worn video against my will.

This would mean that 99.9% of all Police body worn video will not be released as it will almost certainly contain other officers in the footage.





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