Lancashire Police Response to HMIC Custody report

The Lancashire Police response to the damning 2016 HMIC report of custody suites can be read on the Lancashire Police website by clicking the following link which will open in a new window.

Copied below.  If you believe this drivel, they you will no doubt believe anything!  The inspection was ‘unannounced’ to get a real life view of what goes on.  Lancashire Police do not like the truth and just cannot help their constant lies and deceit.


Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons have today published a report following an unanounced inspection of Lancashire Constabulary’s custody suites. Here is our response

“We recognise the value inspection reports can bring to help us improve our service and hopefully reassure the public about the vast majority of what we do .Within this joint inspectorate report there are definitely areas identified where we can learn and improve and as ever we will strive to do just that. We want the standards in our custody suites to be as high as they can be.

“There are elements of this report which we feel could be potentially misleading and contradictory and it’s a shame that some of the verbal feedback we received during the inspection, such as the behaviour of our staff being described as “exceptional” by the inspectors has not made it into the written report.

“We simply do not recognise the general portrayal of a lack of respect and dignity displayed by our staff who day in, day out do an extraordinary job dealing with vulnerable and often very challenging individuals in an unpredictable environment. Their primary concern is always the safety and well-being of those individuals and then of course themselves.

Maybe this will help you recognise the lack of respect.


“We have worked over the last two years to procure and develop new IT and CCTV systems for our custody suites, at significant cost, which will help address the majority of the areas of concern raised by the inspectors. The IT system, requiring massive changes to the way we work, was actually introduced in the final days of this “unannounced” Inspection.

CCTV Systems that allow Police to ‘delete’ what they do not want disclosed.

“Whilst we have previously accepted there are issues around our ability to monitor “use of force” data (resolved via the new system) we do not believe our staff in general use force itself in a disproportionate manner.


“We remain committed to ensuring that everyone who comes into our custody is treated with courtesy and respect, and that the highest standards of safety are maintained.”



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