Lancashire police STILL abusing their power to threaten me

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When will Lancashire police stop!

After I successfully sued Lancashire police for £35k, I said that I was going to publish the police statements relating to the civil trial.  The statements prove how some police officers are blatantly prepared to lie in statements.  One officer had different injuries depending which statement you read.    Really, you could not make this shit up (like they did)

Lancashire police read my intended publication and sent me a threat that if I was to publish a statement, I would be found in contempt of court. We all know how serious that is, google the name Tommy Robinson.

It turns out, there is a ‘rule’ against this.  The rule is CPR 31.22 & 32.12.  This apparently means that witness statements can only to be used for the proceedings in which they were served. The police lawyers made it very clear that it was contempt of court to publish them or use them for any reason.

Of course, I would not want to commit any crimes so the statements will not be published.

So WHY did Lancashire police allowed two people to post a witness statement that I had provided and handed to Lancashire police to be served in criminal proceeding.

My witness statement was in the hands of the Defendant, Darren Hogan from the West Midlands.  Darren Hogan was convicted for harassment of my wife and I and given a criminal conviction and a 2 year restraining order.  He breached that restraining order and was charged by police.  Only at this time was the statement served to Hogan.

Darren Hogan passed this statement to at least TWO other people.  They were George Vella of Bedfordshire and James Harrison of Ormskirk.

Both George Vella and James Harrison posted my witness statement which included ‘names’ and my signature.  They posted my statement in public for all to see.  This is contempt of court on the part of all 3 (Hogan, Vella and Harrison) This was not the intended use of this document.

This offence was reported to Lancashire police who told me it WAS NOT AN OFFENCE and they had EVERY RIGHT to post it as it would be read out in court anyway.  I will be posting this recorded conversation in the next day or two so pop back and check.

Now, initially, you may think CPR 31.22 & 32.12 are Civil rules and you would be correct.  A quick check of the criminal rules and the following was found.

Use of witness statements for other purposes
(1) Except as provided by this rule, a witness statement served in proceedings under Part 2 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 may be used only for the purpose of the proceedings in which it is served.

(2) Paragraph (1) does not apply if and to the extent that—

(a) the witness gives consent in writing to some other use of it;
(b) the Crown Court gives permission for some other use; or
(c) the witness statement has been put in evidence at a hearing held in public.

My solicitor has now brought this to the attention of Lancashire police who had made it quite clear to me how serious this was if I was to do it.

for those that think, ah, but if the police are so bad, why did they warn you and not ‘frame you’.  The reason is this.  Once published, they cannot be unpublished and the statements would be so damaging to the police that they forewarned me.

An application to the courts is planned to grant use of the statements,

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