Lancashire police turn a blind eye to serious arson evidence and threats from Neil Wilkes

In 2017, my family was the victim of a horrific arson attack.

It was reported on BBC Crimewatch. See here –

Lancashire police failed to apprehend the offender.  It was claimed this investigation failed due to intentional ‘police blunders’.

At the time, in 2017,  Neil Wilkes made a public post that he knows who the arsonist is!  Lancashire police oddly failed to follow up this line of enquiry.

In recent weeks, Neil Wilkes has made further comments, claiming to not only have crucial information about the arson but has in fact, been in direct communication with those involved (3 people he claims).

Neil Wilkes has even admitted to ‘delivering something‘ the one of those involved in the arson.

Lancashire police, to date, has not followed up this line of enquiry.

This morning, (13/9/2020), Neil Wilkes sent a number of threatening emails.

One claimed that the people involved in the arson attack are planning a further attack!

A 2nd email, Neil Wilkes states that What happens to my family is my fault and infers he could help, but won’t.

With reference to the arson attack in 2017 Neil Wilkes wrote;

I told you from the start I knew something but to try to get me to talk you attack and attack.

No Mediation, no talking, no spilling the beans and hopefully when it happens which it wi[sic] don’t ask me for anything and I won’t help they polive[sic] with what’s being planned against you either by the same people


Lancashire police have been notified for what good that will do!

Neil Wilkes is (or was) an operative of Lancashire police, (confirmed on oath by a Lancashire police officer).

This involved Neil Wilkes being a part of a Lancashire police task force called ‘Operation Malaya‘, that was set up to frame me (it failed).

It is concerning how one of Lancashire police’s own operatives has information on an arson attack that Lancashire police were unable to solve.

It is also of grave concern that Neil Wilkes has been accused of having sex with an underage girl and getting her pregnant.  This was confirmed by his own wife and an allegation Neil Wilkes has never denied.

Why are the police protecting him?



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