Lancashire police want to imprison me for for mentioning the name of any Lancashire police officer

Yes, you read that correctly – Welcome to the Lancashire police state.

Lancashire police legal services have, with the backing of QC David Knifton, (a part-time judge who has received private payments from police), knowingly and intentionally breached my Fundamental Human Rights.

QC David Knifton
QC David Knifton

If someone asks me any of the following questions, and I answered correctly, they have confirmed it will be a criminal offence for which they will actively seek my imprisonment.

  1. Who is the C***f Constable of Lancashire constabulary? (even mentioning the rank is prohibited hence the stars)
  2. Who is the officer who served me with an injunction?
  3. What is the name of the officer who gave the details of my 13-year-old child to a police informant? (Lancashire police just handed over almost £12,000 of public money in compensation for this royal cock up)
  4. What is the name of the officer who knocked on my door?

If I answered with the correct name of any of these officers, the unlawful restraining order, desperately sought by Lancashire police and ‘signed off‘ by the alleged ‘Masonic‘ QC David Knifton,  would see me sent straight to jail, without passing go, or even getting my bloody £200! (ah well, so far, they have paid me £47,000 in compensation and more to come).

Lancashire police even questioned my letter to them notifying them how the order is unlawful… Of course it is unlawful, Lancashire police are interfering with my Fundamental Human Rights and using public money to enforce it.

Oddly, David Knifton stated in his biased mumblings, that

“any interference must correspond to a pressing social need, its necessity must be established by clear and compelling evidence, and it must not go further than is necessary.”

 So, I am putting to Lancashire constabulary;

  1. HOW can, (only me) answering a question, that requires me to give the name of a police officer, has a ‘pressing social need‘ to be prohibited with the penalty being prison?
  2. HOW does, mentioning ‘said name‘, in any way, risk the harm or reputation of the officer in question.

Lancashire police have confirmed in writing their belief (and dead set desire) that they want to prohibit me (and only me) from answering any question that requires the name of a Lancashire police officer.

And they infer that the mere mentioning of a police officer (by only me) would damage the reputation (or rights) of that officer.

Shame on you Lancashire police, you will be held to account, you cannot interfere with my Fundamental Human Rights, even if you are in the back pocket of the judge.

Lancashire police spent almost £40,000 of tax-payers money to impose this police state gagging order that you would more likely expect to read about in North Korea!



Consider this, Lancashire police paid me £47,000 in compensation.  They paid in excess of £200,000 now in legal bills, they have also paid almost £40,000 seeking an unlawful restraining order.  This is almost £300,000 they have spent (and still spending), of the public tax-payers money trying to silence me!  it is about time someone stepped in and asked why…




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