Lancashire Police Whistleblowers come forward

Sergeant Steven Eckersley Skelmersdale Police
Sergeant Steven Eckersley Skelmersdale Police
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I am writing this article with the full knowledge and permission of 3 whistleblowers from within Lancashire police. I am able to say that one of whom is a civilian employee, one a serving officer in Skelmersdale and one in another role I cannot disclose.

Why am I telling you this?

The simple fact is to show other officers (with a conscience), that my campaign is not against the police officers, but against injustice within the police force. I do not dislike police officers, I dislike dishonest and corrupt individuals in whatever role they work, this includes the police force, politicians, judiciary, in fact any position that carries authority which is abused.

I am able to say that I have been informed by one of my sources, that Sgt Eckersley is very much disliked within Lancashire police. He is know to be able to, I quote, “start an argument in an empty room“. Sgt Eckersley sexually assaulted me and in part for his actions, Lancashire police settled an out of court claim with me to the tune of £135,000 of tax payers money.

I know this has angered a lot of the honest police officers as this money could have been put to far better use in the local policing area rather than to cover for corrupt colleagues!

Sgt Eckersley’s team comprises of a number of individuals, one is a PC Hogan who I am told is known within the police force as “Spud Head” and is notoriously “bone idle”. Another in Sgt Eckersley’s team, a PC Iddon ,is know within the force as “Tight Pants“.

The information above will show some officers that I am now in the know as this information is known with police circles.

If you are a police officer and have a conscience and would like to get in touch, you can do so totally anonymously. Your identity will never be revealed in a million years, and there is no legal (or other) force able to make me reveal anything.

You can contact us via this webpage. Do so (if you wish) with an anonymous email account and help us stamp out the corruption within the police force which ultimately damages the reputation of all officers, not just the bad ones.


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