Lancashire police Sgt 3915 James Cooper tells Superintendent Gary Crowe to FUCK OFF

Sgt 3915 James Cooper who was seen blowing smoke into a horses face was also captured telling Superintendent Gary Crowe to ‘FUCK OFF’ for simply doing his job.

Sgt James Cooper, who spent more time on his mobile phone and smoking (during work) than doing his own job, made the derogatory comment about the senior officer who was seemingly working hard, dealing with police incidents in the Ormskirk area on mischief night.

Sgt Cooper had insinuated that he himself was ‘insulted‘ for being called filthy, (after Sgt Cooper said he wouldn’t mind if a person shits on his doorstep), we wonder if Superintendent Gary Crowe will be insulted by being spoken about like this?

Sgt James Cooper was also heard speaking openly about other officers, calling them ‘fannies‘ & ‘melts‘, as well as criticising the public.

All will be revealed in time.


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