Magistrates notes proving Lancashire Police setup a Malicious Prosecution

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Magistrates notes reveal that Lancashire Police created a Malicious Prosecution by  fabricating multiple charges against a victim of crime, (Paul Ponting) simply because Mr Ponting reported a number of crimes committed by a Lancashire Police Informer who had threatened to kill his children and brandished him a paedophile.

Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police
Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police 1/4
Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police 2/4
Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police 2/4
Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police
Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police 3/4
Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police 4/4
Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police 4/4

Mr  Ponting was awaiting a Police decision to charge Paul Turner, the ‘hate filled internet troll‘ as defined by many National Newspapers (click here to read).  Paul Turner from Eskdale, Skelmersdale, (the troll) had posted dozens of malicious comments all over the internet calling him a paedophile.  This was a personal vendetta against Mr Ponting by Turner because he had been sacked by him Turner had told Police the dismissal was in fact ‘legitimate’ (read his statement here) yet Turner still continued his warped hate campaign.

Mr Ponting reported Turners sick postings to Lancashire Police expecting them to take action and arrest Turner for malicious communications or harassment.  Unfortunately, Paul Turner was a Police Informer (see evidence here) and the Police refused to take any action making excuse after excuse to defend Paul Turner from any charges.

The persistence of Mr Ponting to get justice was so great that Lancashire Police resorted to corruption and intentionally fabricated a number of charges against him in an attempt to discredit him with a criminal record.

Timeline of events:

  1. Mr Ponting had made an official complaint against DS Andy Langton (Mr Ponting’s single point of contact) for harassment against Mr Ponting.
  2. DS Landton retaliated by sending two uniformed officers to Mr Pontings house at 10:30pm to give Mr Ponting and unwarranted harassment warning and provide a ‘welfare visit’! (he confirmed he did this in Chorley Magistrates Court)
  3. The two uniformed officers informed Chorley Magistrates Court that they had been told, prior to the visit that Mr Ponting was ‘mentally unstable’.  (this is utter rubbish, Mr Ponting was and is of sound mind and character).  This false and malicious information was given to them by DS Andy Langton.
  4. Sgt Hayes, the senior attending officer, arrested Mr Ponting for a fabricated charge of a s5 Public Order.  His Constable colleague, in Court, confirmed that the arrest was unwarranted.
  5. Sgt Hayes, assaulted Mr Ponting and pepper sprayed him for no reason other than Mr Ponting protected his injured hand by holding it to his chest (also confirmed in Court by the 2nd officer)
  6. Sgt Hayes then dragged Mr Ponting to the ground (in front of his young children), sat on his chest and put his hands around Mr Ponting’s throat (confirmed by 2nd officer AND Sgt Hayes).  Hayes told the court that he did it ‘in case’ Mr Ponting spat at him.  He confirmed that Mr Ponting had in fact made no attempt to spit at him.
  7. The whole incident was recorded on a local pub CCTV, but Police ‘failed’ to acquire it which would have proven Mr Ponting was assaulted by Police.

Mr Ponting was admitted to Wigan Hospital and spent 2 days on a cardiac ward due to police brutality.

Mr Ponting was charged with 4 separate charges:

  1. S5 Public Order
  2. Assault of a Police Officer
  3. Malicious Communication against Paul Turner (the hate filled web troll and Police Informer)
  4. Harassment against DS Andy Langton.

On acquitting Mr Ponting of ALL charges, the Magistrate read out, in court, how Mr Ponting was innocent and that this was essentially a ‘Malicious Prosecution‘ set up by Lancashire Police to frame Ponting.

Mr Ponting wrote the the Magistrate and asked, if she would be happy to provided her notes and findings, the Magistrate was MORE THAN HAPPY to oblige.

  1. It was found that, DS Langton admitted to sending uniformed officers to Mr Ponting’s home.  Even though a formal complaint against Langton was made by Mr Ponting prior to this.
  2. Langton had charged Mr Ponting with Harassment yet told the court he was ‘not harassed
  3. The arresting officer was not acing in execution of his duty.
  4. Mr Ponting did not commit a s5 public order.
  5. No malicious communications against the Police Informer took place.

Lancashire Police have been found to have attempted a malicious prosecution against Mr Ponting to try and silence him from reporting crimes committed by a Lancashire, self confessed Police Informer.






  1. Having similar issues they have tried to have me arrested to protect corrupt officers.Lancashire Police are far far worse than the MET it’s a dumping ground for those the MET wouldn’t take


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