Malicious website created by Police Informant Paul Turner defended by Lancashire Police

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Chief Inspector Ian Jones of Lancashire police has said that a malicious website created by Paul Turner, a Lancashire Police informant is not an offence, saying it is not ‘grossly offensive‘.

The website is sick and twisted and created to attack a family, yet Lancashire Police Chief Inspector Ian Jones says it isn’t a crime.  Chief Inspector Ian Jones is clearly unaware of the Harassment Act and the Malicious Communications Act as well as other Communication Offences.

Chief Inspector Ian Jones of Lancashire police even stated that he would not be bothered if a similar website was created about him. He said that he would not be bothered if malicious lies were spread about him.  This shows how his subjective opinion is being misused for an objective offence.  What is even more ironic is, when the victim said the decision was ‘bullshit‘, Chief Inspector Ian Jone said he was offended by the victim using this word.

The website makes a number of malicious false allegations which Lancashire police say is okay to do.

Lancashire police have therefore confirmed that you are allowed to create malicious websites…or maybe this is only the case if you are a police informant!

More to follow…


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