Meltham police sergeant filmed punching terrified puppy to face misconduct hearing

Video of Sgt Martin Dunn repeatedly punching the defenceless pet shocked animal lovers across the UK

A Greater Manchester Police firearms officer who sparked outrage after punching a terrified springer spaniel after it pooed on his lounge carpet is to face a misconduct hearing next month.

Sgt Martin Dunn, who earns £44,000 a year patrolling Manchester Airport, punched the pet several times on the evening of March 14 and was convicted of mistreating the animal at Leeds Magistrates’ Court.

A CCTV video of the incident taken by a neighbour captured the shocking cruelty as the officer who had been drinking swore at and laid into the defenceless pet.

Dunn, who was 48 and living in Meltham at the time of the offence, hung his head in shame as a magistrate disqualified for five years from keeping any animals apart from a lizard-type, Leopard Gheko.

Following ExaminerLive’s story, more than 21,000 people signed a petition calling for his removal from the Force.

It read: “We would urge GMP to consider removing him from the Force and at the very least from his position as a firearms officer.

“He clearly has anger management issues and is not fit to be in charge of a lethal weapon.

“GMP also needs to send a clear message to the public that animal cruelty is taken seriously.

“It is not a trivial crime and many animal abusers will also hurt people.

“A zero-tolerance approach is a must and you can start by making an example of this cruel and violent officer.”

In an email to interested parties, Det Insp Mark Radford, Investigations Manager with the Professional Standards Branch of GMP said: “The hearing will probably be held in public.”

August 27 has been pencilled in by the Force as the date for the misconduct hearing.

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