Merseyside Police refuse to investigate Southport Shoplifting

Shaun Bold Thief Southport
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A local shop keeper in Southport, reported to the Police that a thief had entered his convenience store, picked up some cans of beer and ran off without paying.

The shop keeper has CCTV of the incident and offered this to the Police however, the Police refused to investigate this Southport shoplifting incident on the basis that the theft value was less than £50.

The Home Office Guide, Implementing Section 176 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014: Low value shoplifting clearly states that low value shoplifting (values less than £200) are crimes and are dealt with as summary only offences, this means it is a crime yet Merseyside Police have refused to assist this victim.

The alleged offender is Shaun(or Sean) Bold of no fixed Address in Southport.  Shaun Bold Thief SouthportIt is believed that the offender has recently been released from prison on drugs offences so is well know to the Police but unfortunately for the victim, the Police are uninterested.  The victim is of ethnic minority and is a repeat victim of racist attacks, theft and threats of violence.

This had been brought to the attention of the local MP who has contacted the Police about Southport Shoplifting and policies on low value theft.

The crime reference number for this incident is : 0516070669

I encourage official new outlets to contact Merseyside Police Media Enquiries regarding this.

Update: Merseyside Police have now spoken with the victim and are now investigating the after pressure from another local businessman who brought this to the attention of the Local MP and made a formal complaint to the Police about their lack of investigation.

Looks like Merseyside Police have done this before?

The victim  is a repeat victim of crime as reported by the Southport Visiter


UPDATE: After our publicity, it has hit local press and now Police have apologised!




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