Merseyside police say stalking by abusive ex with a restraining order is a civil matter

A female in Liverpool has reported to Merseyside police that she is being stalked, but was told that it is a ‘civil matter‘.

Stalking is a criminal offence, contrary to the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and also within the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 where section 2A (3) sets out examples of acts or omissions which, in particular circumstances, are ones associated with stalking. (CPS Guidance)

The man who is an abusive ex of the female, has recently pleaded guilty to three breaches of an anti molestation order that was put in place to protect the victim from her ex-partner.  This resulted in him being convicted for breaching the anti-molestation on 3 occasions.  The anti molestation order is still in place.

The order specifically prevents the man from;

  • communication with the female by any means including letter or text, the only communication allowed is via a solicitor.
  • harassing or pestering the victim
  • Instructing or encouraging any other person to do the same 

The above three points are from a list of prohibitions put in place for her safety.

In 2019, a Freedom of Information request highlight how Merseyside police failed to take action in almost 90% of reported stalking incidents.

In 2019, Justene Reece took her own life after repeated abuse and stalking Staffordshire police failed to investigate.


The female, who lives alone with her child, was devastated when she received a registration card through the post, addressed to the offender and using her personal contact details that he had uses to attempt to register as a resident for Nextdoor services. is a website whose purpose is to link people within the same postcode area with others is the same area.

Registration confirmation is required by Nextdoor to confirm that any applicants are actual residents in the area.  The offender in this case is not a resident of the area and is in fact, barred from the area by the criminal restraining order.

The female believes that the offender is trying to circumvent his restraining order by ‘getting into the area‘ via the online platform which is causing her Alarm & Distress.

Nextdoor support have advised the female that the registration card has been posted to her address, as the person who created the account had not validated the application within 48 hours using the registered home phone number which he does not have access to.

The female called Merseyside police to report the incident but was shocked to be told it is a civil matter.


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  1. At least she not vilified by police. As many are who report this behaviour. Or is a stalker/harassment or cyber abuse a ex. Family are very much involved in many cases

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